How to build long lasting relationships with Guest blogging

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guest blog1 How to build long lasting relationships with Guest blogging

Guest blogging has grown in popularity over the last year especially with the demise of many other link building practices. The wave of Google algorithm updates including the Penguin and Panda updates has seen guest posting become the only legitimate and effective means of building links. Guest posting however is just as much as about building relationships as it is about building links. Being a good guest blogger is really about adding value to someone else’s blog by providing a good piece of quality content. There is no doubt that this has been lost in recent months as more people abuse guest posting. Reaching out to guest bloggers is about cultivating a relationship.

There are many other great benefits that can be gained by building solid relationships with other bloggers. Good blogs will have a social media presence and it can be possible to grow your own social media presence through contributing to a good blog.  Another benefit is growing your own subscribers on your blog. Big brands will pay thousands of pounds for advertising opportunities such as product reviews, recommendations and banner advertising. Blogs that have millions of subscribers can see followers and readers influenced greatly by the author of the blog they are visiting especially if they trust the author. A positive review of a product can see huge exposure for the company in question. Exposure they are willing to pay for. These are really the types of blogs that can be valuable in gaining a guest post opportunity due to traffic levels and the quality of the blog.

Building relationships with other bloggers who own well established blogs can allow you enter new and already established communities and share your own messages. Blogging this way allows you to connect with new people who can ultimately help you benefit by visiting your own blog. Adding to discussions and providing value can see you gain more followers, fans and readers. Adding value is really what Google has always been trying to promote. If a blog has lots of great content and is seeing lots of interaction from readers then the trust and authority of the blog will increase.  Whether you are a blog owner looking for guest publishers or a content writer looking to publish content, cultivating and building relationships should be your primary goal. When guest posting on other sites, promoting your posts on various social media platforms will also benefit the blog owner. If you write a great blog post then share it with your own community and the community of the blog you are posting on. This is also a great pitching tool when looking to get a guest post opportunity.

Unfortunately because so many people are now using guest posting as a primary link building tactic, the essence of building relationships is being lost. There are many low quality blogs where relationship building is not necessary but the value of such links will be low. If you are looking to guest post on blog for a link opportunity then finding high quality blogs with social followings and an active community will be important. Reaching out to blog owners and building a lasting relationship will provide extra benefits in the future. If you are a blog owner, building up a quality blog will take time. The more great content you publish and the more subscribers your blog receives, the greater trust and authority your blog will receive. The best blogs will have started somewhere and relationship building with readers, subscribers and publishers will have been the key to success. There are many communities that you can enter to look for guest post opportunities but remember taking the time to build up a relationship with publishers and blog owners will be more beneficial in the future.

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