How Technology Has Helped The Common Cold Spread (and how to protect yourself)

OK, you may wonder what the heck that is all about, but it really could be true. You obviously know that the common cold is spread through the germs of the infected, whether you touch something they did with their germy hands or you breath in their air. The common cold has no cure, but there are ways that you can avoid it.


Let’s look at how technology has help spread the common cold and what you can do to try to keep from catching it.


Working From Home


With the internet being so widespread and popular for everything these days, more people are working from home which means we spend less time around other people, building up our immunities. That means that when we do get out we are more susceptible to every germ each Tom, Dick and Harry we bump into is carrying around.


Thanks to technology we are now more isolated than ever. No wonder there are so many superbugs out there now.


Take your vitamins. While Vitamin C might not really get rid of your cold, having your immune system boosted prior to getting one may help its duration be less. It can’t hurt, right? Look to zinc and other antioxidants as well, to help boost your immunity and maybe help you fight off more than just a cold.


Sharing Phones, Keyboards


Cold germs are spread by touching something someone sick touched or sneezed on. While they should be washing their hands and sneezing into tissue, you can’t control their germ spreading habits, so why not pick up some germ fighting ones of your own.


Carry some hand sanitizer with you during cold season and don’t be afraid to use it. Open the door, sanitize your hands. Use it to sanitize shared items too, like phone and community keyboards.


Just another case where technology gets us. And that’s not even going into your children using your cell phone when they come home from school with the germs from whatever new illness is going around, including the common cold.


The Morning Meeting


Be aware of the people around you. Even though technology rules the world with phones and computers, that doesn’t mean you don’t have face-to-face time at work where you meet around a table and share thought, ideas and germs. Take some tissue with you for anyone that looks like they are about to sneeze, and keep that hand sanitizer on hand.

Cold seasons are obvious, so just know when and how to be prepared and maybe you won’t get one, this time around. If you prepare yourself maybe you won’t lose any work days to sick leave and you can be the employee your business loves and goes to for advice on the common cold.

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