How Technology Has Changed Sports Betting

Technology is vital in the sports betting world, and over the past decade, we have seen technological advancements really enhance the betting opportunities available to punters. With the number of online bookmakers available to punters and the competition between them, we have seen a big change in the service on offer, but alongside this, technology has also played its part.

There are two major areas where technology has changed betting, and they are in play betting and mobile betting.

In Play Betting

State of the art technology is needed to run a successful in play betting service for just one game of football, let alone for the huge number of sporting events that are now covered on a daily basis in the in-play section by the biggest bookmakers. Technology has helped them bring that to us, whether it is lightning fast changes to the odds, suspension of markets if a goal is scored or live streaming of games from all over the world, this has all collectively helped bookmakers offer a great in play service to punters. writes that ten years ago, in play betting was not very popular, and only just beginning to show its potential. Now it is something that many punters use, with some of us solely betting in play and not placing any wagers until a game has started. That is how much this side of betting has changed.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, and if the game you are betting on is televised in your country or not, if a game is being covered in play by the bookmakers, then you are going to get a fantastic service. This usually begins with being able to watch the actual game, allowing you to cheer on your team and we all know that betting is a far better experience when you can watch the action.

Log onto your bookmaker at any time and you will find live streaming available on in play football from all over the world, the choice of games out there is now very impressive. All of the games on offer have many betting markets for you to use, and inside all of these you will find the odds changing rapidly as the game progresses and incidents occur, or simply time ticks away making an outcome more or less likely to happen.

In-play betting has become huge with punters, and it is all down to the technological advancements that we are able to have this service, and it is as good as it is right now.

Mobile Betting

Not too long ago, if punters wanted to place a wager they would have to walk to their local betting shop to get a bet on. Then we saw the introduction of online betting, and people were able to bet on their computers from home, something that completely changed the face of betting as we know it. Now over the last decade, the next step has been taken and that has been the introduction of mobile betting.

This means not only can you place your bets from the comfort of your own home, but you no longer need a computer to do it, and actually you can place a bet from anywhere you are in the world. You need just two things with you, a mobile device and an internet connection.

This has given punters great freedom when it comes to betting, you are literally seconds away from placing a bet, no matter where you are as long as your internet ready phone is in your pocket. This doesn’t just cover phones either, with tables also having the same power as a type of mobile device.

No longer do you have to go somewhere to place a bet, betting opportunities now come to you and they present themselves when you need them. The need for a computer is now gone completely, as bookmakers bring out state of the art app’s for players to download, and every single function you need can be performed on these.

Whether it is placing a bet or something else like opening an account, making a withdrawal, depositing funds or contacting the customer support team, all of this can be done by using the best betting mobile apps.

We are now in a time where we can place a bet whenever we want to, and this is all down to technology. From the app creators to the mobile networks giving us high-speed internet away from home, they have all played a big part in this.

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