How smart companies are reaching a larger audience

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The global population is exploding.  It is also more diverse than ever before. There are now 194 recognized countries in the world, and more than 7,000 documented languages. In addition, world wealth is rising.  Some global thought leaders say that by year 2035, there will be almost no poor countries based on average international standards. 

services for audio video How smart companies are reaching a larger audienceWhat does this have to do with your company? Everything.  The combination of Internet communications and more people, with more money, worldwide means you can begin today to do business with diverse populations of people in the United States and beyond.  The only barrier to reaching them is whether your brand is prepared to speak to their needs in a way that truly resonates.

Smart companies are urgently working to implement operational and marketing strategies now that will give them a head start in building a relationship with foreign language audiences. They understand that maintaining market share in any industry over the next five to ten years, and certainly any hope to dominate, is predicated on being able to personally and powerfully communicate in English, as well as other languages.

If you are thinking about strategic ways to position your company for growth this year and in the years ahead, take a page from the playbook of companies like: Dell, which tweets and presents YouTube videos in English, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish; or BuzzFeed, a small social media startup that has found success by being able to communicate with its audience in various languages, like Spanish, Portuguese and French.  Smart companies are generating a wider audience and revenue share by speaking authentically to people of other cultures in their own vernacular. Here are three keys that can help you quickly move your company in this direction:

  1. Use subtitles and captioning to transition existing material
  2. Distribute your commercial advertisements in various languages
  3. Introduce your team to cultural competence training

Use subtitles and captioning to transition existing material

It is important to set aside a budget to invest in multicultural advertising and marketing. After all, the growing United States and global population of multinational consumers can lead to exponential growth in your business. Smart companies are doing what it takes to make this move now because it is the next big area of competition in business.  If your starting budget to make the transition into multicultural marketing is limited, you can immediately begin running sub-titles without missing the opportunity to be a frontrunner.  You can keep your commercial advertisements and other marketing assets as they are and implement language captioning to the media itself, or the captioning can be provided to you separately for use at the appropriate time.

Distribute your commercial advertisements in various languages

The very best way to make the most impact with multicultural audiences is to have authentic speakers with proper enunciation, tone and dialect. You can have voiceovers for your commercial advertising assets from now on.  When the commercial is seen on television, it then becomes a natural unstrained experience for the viewer.  Radio commercial advertisements are definitely a no brainer for foreign language recording and presentation.  An expert full service foreign language multimedia production company will easily be able to help you produce multicultural versions of your marketing collateral to authentically reach various markets.

Introduce your team to cultural competence training

In addition to converting or producing your marketing assets and materials in foreign languages, smart companies have also found that is helpful and necessary to make a shift in the mindset of employees by introducing them to cultural competence training. This gives them the opportunity to learn more about the new kinds of customers that will be buying from your business.  They will begin to understand differences and nuances in communications and social customs between people in other cultures. This can make them appropriately sensitive and more effective in project management and customer service as they work with and on behalf of your new, and welcomed, global customer base.

Mónica Gozalbo is the Multimedia Producer at JBI Studios. Based in Los Angeles, California, Mónica is passionate about providing quality foreign-language services for audio, video & multimedia.  

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