How Instagram Can Help Your Business

We all know how much of an impact social media can bring. In fact, businesses are now trying to think of ways on how they can use this method in their marketing plans, especially since social media networks like Instagram made connecting people easier. There are actually a number of different ways businesses can use, including promoting your company and finding and hiring really good employees. This article will focus on how businesses can use Instagram for marketing.

How Instagram gets your business followers

First, you have to ask yourself a few questions; namely, what can Instagram do and how can it help you? As everyone knows, Instagram is an image sharing site that lets people instantly post and share around their pictures online.

You can use Instagram to show follows different things about your company; pictures of things like the whole production process, your office and employees, highlighting special events and parties in the office, announcements about your company, a “Featured Employee” set of pictures where you profile an employee and ask them to share some interesting things about them, and generally a look behind the scenes in your company. As customers love to see what goes on behind the scenes, you can use Instagram to present followers what a normal day in your office is like. Hashtags can also be utilized to bring users to your Instagram page. Contests are another way of getting overall interest in your company; things like photo contests or some such can get people excited about your business.

There are plenty other methods your business can use; you just have to be a little creative, and this creativity can help your company grow.

How Instagram can find you new employees

Interestingly, Instagram is also a good way for employees to post their resumes. After some searching, you should be able to find some potential employees looking for work, and all you have to do from there is skim through the pictures.

As for those who plan on using Instagram to find work, users can choose to present their resume in any format they want, and employers can decide which person fits with their company. Those who plan on posting their resume on Instagram should keep in mind the job they want, as well as how they want the employers to see them. Be sure to showcase your skills in a way that is appealing to your potential employers. Furthermore, since you are dealing with employers, be sure to keep your Instagram professional; at the very least, do not show any pictures that could harm your chances for a new job.

How Instagram can benefit you

So now you ask how using Instagram can benefit you. By posting images about your company, you are basically showing users online what your company is like. Through this method, you can also get people interested and excited over what your company can offer, which helps your company grow. Not only that, you can actually use Instagram to hire new potential employees for your company. As they use the site to post their resumes, you can see for yourself who is fit to work in your company.

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