How High-Tech Vending Machines Brightens the Future of Vending Machine


ve 300x225 How High Tech Vending Machines Brightens the Future of Vending Machine In one way or the other, every person has consumed foods and drinks from a vending machine. As a result, what did you order the last time you grabbed a quick vending machine snack? Is it a soda, candy or maybe some peanuts? All these are accessible from vending machines and there is need to increase the technology in our machines for better services. Soon your workplace may be offering fresher options given the rapid growth of ‘healthy’ vending machine franchises. This article highlights some highly advanced vending machines which users ought to buy into their businesses:

  • A 3D-Printing Vending Machine

It is obvious that 3D printing is making it easier for inventors everywhere to create prototypes of their designs. The dream vendor, a one-of-a-kind vending machine is made up of four Makerbot Thing-O-Matic 3D printers, each one loaded with a different-color plastic. Users insert a personal SD card loaded with a file of their CAD-drawn 3D model into one of the machine’s four interface boards. The selected printer then builds the 3D model layer by layer in cross-sections.

  • Dance Reward Coca Cola Machine

This vending machine in a South Korean mall gives a free Coke to anyone with enough dancing skill. Players begin by standing on a red circle in front of the machine and watching the built-in multipanel video display. On the screen, members of local boy band start to groove as you are supposed to emulate their steps, and the better you do, the better your chances of nabbing the prize.

  • Starbucks Vending Machine

Looking at all releases of vending machines into the market, Starbucks has come to roll out its “heat on demand” machines. All its machines rely on a process developed by Pepsi that uses supercooled liquid, a mixture that can be reduced below its freezing point without solidifying. When you order a cup of joe, a button triggers nucleation, which causes the mixture to crystallize immediately, creating ample heat in the process. The company’s newest machines, Starbucks on the Go, are stocked with espresso that is freshly ground when you order, and milk that is individually steamed for each drink.

  • Let’s Pizza Vending Machine

The machine kneads the dough which is a combination of flour and mineral water designed just for this machine. Further, the machine works it into a crust, layers it with tomato sauce and cheese, adds toppings, and pops the pie it into an infrared oven to bake. Each Let’s Pizza machine is connected to the Internet so it can automatically send an alert for replenishments when ingredients run low.

  • Wine Vending Machines

Self-serve wine-dispensing systems have been pouring into restaurants and bars nationwide over the last few years. One example is Napa Technologies’ WineStation, which holds 28 bottles of wine simultaneously. It keeps open bottles fresh for up to 60 days by replacing oxygen with argon gas as wine is dispensed. Bottles stay chilled courtesy of a thermoelectric cooling system which eliminates the need for circulating liquid.

To order, you insert a wine card purchased from the establishment where the wine card is embedded with a chip that keeps track of how much money is on the card, wine preferences, and purchases. You then use a built-in touch panel to select vino and pour size.


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