How Businesses Benefit From Cloud Computing

Benefit From Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the method of using a remote server over the internet to perform the functions that were traditionally performed on the local server. This practice of using a remote server provided by a third party has a lot of benefits over the traditional practice. The whole of the IT industry is embracing this concept of cloud computing. Industry experts predict that this is only the beginning and this trend will keep growing in the next few years. This does not mean that there are no downsides to the technology, but that the positives greatly outweigh the disadvantages. All kinds of businesses certainly can benefit from cloud computing as the chief contributing factor to the popularity of cloud computing is reduced IT costs. Cloud computing provides a variety of benefits of which some are discussed below in detail.

Cloud Computing How Businesses Benefit From Cloud ComputingLess Capital expenditure

As the expensive servers and data centers are maintained remotely by the third party, there is no need for pushing the capital on procurement of hardware and installation. All the applications and software, even the proprietary software will be available on the remote over the internet. This makes it unnecessary for businesses to spend money on installation and procurement of software.

Unlimited Storage

Using a cloud system gives the businesses a huge storage capacity. Hence the businesses do not need to worry about the storage capacity and can store as much data as required.

No requirement for maintenance support

As all the software and applications are installed and maintained on a remote location by the third party who provides cloud services, the businesses do not need to worry about employing a support team. The third party who provides cloud services will be responsible for maintaining of applications and providing upgrades and fixes as and when required.

Backup & Recovery

All the data pertaining to your business will be stored in the cloud and hence maintaining a regular backup schedule will be simple. Often, it is not required by businesses to worry about data. The third parties who manage the cloud will generally provide backup and recovery services. This ensures that the all important data stays safe and can be recovered without much fuss in case of system crashes or outages.

Easy integration

A cloud computing app comes with a prebuilt API that will help in making integration simpler.

Global access

Since the businesses connect to the cloud over internet, users can access the cloud system from anywhere and at any time. It really makes the business global with the only requirement being an internet connection.

Quick Installation & Deployment

As the required apps and software does not have to be installed in each and every computer, the time taken for setting up is highly cut down. In the traditional setup, the required software has to be installed on all the computers the users will be using. if a company employs 100 users, 100 installations had to be performed. In the cloud setup, there is no similar fuss and the system can be ready for use in a very short time.

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