Hot investment moves to make in the latter part of 2017

In a flash, we have almost gotten halfway through 2017. It has been a tumultuous half-year thus far, as political instability in Washington, tense foreign relations, and the ongoing drama over the fate of our climate have led many investors to throw their hands up in confusion.

However, if you take a step back and analyze what have gone on the past six months from a logical perspective, it is easy to see some profitable trends emerging.

Larry Polhill has long been a giant in investing circles, as he has managed portfolios that have propelled clients into higher echelons of wealth.

He has a penchant for knowing what sectors of the economy are about to soar, and makes moves to get out in front of the trend.

If you want to get in while there is money to be made instead of buying the peak like most chumps do, read on below about the hottest moves you can make in the back half of 2017.

1) Automation

As the year has gone on, developments in automation have gotten to the point where large sectors of the American workforce have begun to fear for their future.

Transportation is an area that is of particular interest, as Tesla, Uber, and a slate of companies supporting their efforts are on a trajectory to make drivers of all kinds obsolete by the 2020s.

While this is bad news for taxi and truck drivers, the owners of the companies that will replace these workers are well-positioned to make a killing.

The accuracy and safety of this technology is said to be better than human operators, with improvements in reliability proceeding rapidly.

If you buy in now while there is still a modicum of uncertainty, chances are good that you will see your stocks soar in the coming years.

2) Defense

Thought Trump was going to disengage from war theaters around the world? The past two quarters have proven otherwise, as he has shown no reluctance in going after actors like Syria, ISIS, and North Korea.

While there are worries about the scale of any conflicts that may emerge in the coming years, it is highly likely that the US Armed Forces will be in need of replacement munitions in the near future.

This makes bomb and ammunition makers a buy.

3) Green energy

Despite the recent decision of the Trump Administration to leave the Paris Accord, what happened immediately afterward clearly shows which way the world is heading.

Not only did the leaders of countless nations around the world re-up their commitment to the agreement, they pledged to double down where possible.

Even more telling were the dozens of municipal and state leaders here in America that stood up and vowed to pursue the aims of the Paris Accord even without help from the White House.

As such, the prevailing mood surrounding climate change in America and around the world should lead you to buy solar and wind, especially if there is any misguided selling in the wake of the Trump Administration’s decision to abandon this climate change deal.

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