Hiring a Part Time VA for Your Startup: 5 Things to Consider

Hiring a Part Time VA

If you’re someone who’s preparing to start up your own business and therefore, when it comes to hiring staff support, your budget is pretty tight, have you ever considered hiring a virtual assistant to help you? Not only can they do everything from answer emails and book travel to handle bookkeeping and social media accounts, but being that they are virtual, you don’t have to worry about providing them with office space or even having to pay their taxes (if you hire them as a contract worker).

Hiring a Part Time VA Hiring a Part Time VA for Your Startup: 5 Things to Consider

If this sounds more and more like a suitable option for you, before you start looking for a virtual assistant, we wanted to provide you with a list of five things that you should consider; just so that you can be sure that you end up with the ideal individual.

Know what you want to virtual assistant to do. Just like with any job, before you can hire the best virtual assistant, you’re first going to need to know exactly what you’d like for them to do. So, first take out some time to think about the daily (or weekly) duties that you have in mind and then create a thorough job description that you can share with potential candidates. That way, you will have a better chance of attracting individuals who are truly qualified.

Know the hours you would prefer them to work. When it comes to hiring someone for a telecommute position, one challenge that you could run into is finding someone who is qualified but may not be able to work the hours that you need them to. That’s why you also need to think about the time of day (or night) that you are needing assistance. Also, as you are interviewing different individuals, make sure that you mention the time zone that you are; just so that everyone is one same page.

Know the kind of qualifications you want them to have. In order to find the perfect fit for you, it’s not going to be enough that you said “I need a virtual assistant who is dedicated and dependable.” Although those two qualities are certainly essential, you also need to list specific qualifications that you desire for them to have. Do they need to know Excel? Do they need to have web design experience? Do they need to have impeccable editing skills? Do they need to be extremely social media savvy? Do they need to know how to create videos? The more detailed you are, the quicker you’ll be able to find out prospective assistants’ credentials.

Know how you want to communicate with them. If you were to ask a company like Uassist.ME to provide you with some additional reasons to hire a VA , one thing that they might tell you is having a virtual assistant is convenient; especially if you clarify on the front end how you would like them to contact you. Thanks to email, cell phones, online chat and other platforms like Skype and WebEx, there are all kinds of ways that your virtual assistant can be reached. Just make sure that you articulate your expectations regarding communication ahead of time.

Know how to perform a thorough evaluation. There is one more thing that you should consider before hiring a virtual assistant: You should consider offering them a thorough evaluation. We say this because no matter how impressive a prospective virtual assistant may be during the interview, you still need to follow up on their references, give them certain tests (like a writing test, for example) and ask for feedback from their former employers. Then, after following this step, if all checks out, you’ll know for certain that you have found an impeccable virtual assistant. One who is perfect for you.

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