Here’s How Cable Companies Can Improve Customer Service

If you’ve worked in the cable industry you know that the reputation from customers is often negative as it relates to customer service.
However when you choose the right TV service, there are many companies that are making it a part of their mission statement to change this. Part of it is changing the steps in the customer service process and the other is changing public perception. In business when your reputation is bad everyone comes to you expecting the worst. To fight public perception and methodology here are some ways cable companies are changing things.

Better Repair Services

Normally when you’re calling your cable company odds are something’s gone wrong. In some cases, what has gone wrong is technical in nature. Bad wires, bad equipment, and wildlife eating the cable lines are just some of the things that get service repair guys going to your house. Now in the past the perceived image of repair work was the scheduling is impossible to work with if you have a job with nine to five hours.

Time Warner Cable in the greater New York area listened to customer feedback. A common theme was having to take a day off from work just to get normal service repair work done was unacceptable. Time Warner Cable agreed adding later repair windows to allow customers to get service calls after work and adding weekend blocks for their days off. Aside from a more workable schedule, communication features were added. Customers now get text messages to their phone when the tech in on their way. Further information on how Time Warner Cable is improving their customer service can be found here.

Giving More Power To The Customer

Another thing cable companies are doing to improve customer service is giving them more power. They’ve done this by allowing customers greater access to information they need. You do this by giving them a way to check their account information, account statistics, and submit feedback if they need to. Many cable companies are doing this by expanding their online account management tools. A useful online account service portal takes work off the customer service staff.

Some companies are taking an old business saying to heart and that’s “The best customer service is one you never need to call.” Now things can still go wrong but customers can check online to see active reports on what’s going on either via the Internet or cellular phone data.

A while back, customers call into customer support lines angry because they have no idea what’s going on and have no way to find out. It didn’t matter if it’s a billing issue or HBO being out of service. Giving customers the ability to find things out on their own eliminates the angry phone calls. Plus, customers are starting to prefer the online options. According to surveys 31% of customer service tasks are done via the Internet and another 9% via cellular data. For more information on how these companies are empowering their customer base, you can find out more here.

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