Help Your Small Business to Go Green

Eco-friendly business practices are all the rage right now, and with good reason. Going green isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good for you, your employees and your customers. Studies have been conducted which show that implementing sustainable practices within a business has the potential to increase revenue; for example, Coca Cola managed to save $100 million simply by cutting down on packaging.

As a small business owner you are unlikely to see these sorts of savings. But going green will boost your business’ public image and reduce your overhead costs, thereby giving your company the edge it needs to outshine competition.


Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is perhaps one of the worst culprits for driving up energy bills. If you’re committed to going green it’s therefore imperative that you conduct a comprehensive assessment of your air conditioning system, in order to gauge whether or not you can make improvements. Upgrading your air conditioning system is usually the best way to ensure efficiency – while this will require an initial outlay, a new, well fitted system is much more likely to provide the energy efficient and pure air conditioning your business requires.

Perfect Paperless Practices

Going paper free is perhaps one of the easiest things a business can do – as long as it’s operating in the right industry. Most offices should be able to at the very least reduce their paper consumption, and if you’re unable to go entirely paper free then using recycled paper will help to maintain conservation standards in the workplace.

Reducing Your Electricity Consumption

Office electricity usually tends to involve considerable expense, so reducing your electricity bills will help both the planet and your business costs. Encourage your employees to implement simple practices, such as switching off lights and not leaving their computers on overnight. As company owner you may also wish to consider installing systems that actively work to reduce electricity costs, such as energy efficient light bulbs or even solar panels.

Sign up to a Bike Scheme

Many workplaces around the world now subscribe to some sort of cycling scheme. These schemes usually offer employees the opportunity to purchase a bike through a 0% interest financing scheme, the payments for which are taken out of the employee’s paycheck, on a monthly basis. Not only will this help your employees to get healthy – thereby leading to improved moral and efficiency – but it will also reduce car emissions produced by commuting.


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