Have Apple Resolved Security Issues with iCloud?

When the Apple iCloud was hacked recently, all kinds of data became immediately at risk with millions of people all over the world utilising the cloud storage system for its benefits which – until this time – had been pretty flawless.


Over the past few years the iCloud service has expanded, enabling users to store everything from their contacts to important work documents and even music which was synced between their multiple Apple devices through the cloud. Of course, there are also those that opt to save all of their photos in the cloud, too, and it was this particular asset which has been seized upon by the hackers looking to make a name for themselves by accessing various celebrity photos (whether you believe they’re real or not).


The problem that Apple have suffered with through this is that people are starting to lose their trust in the service. Around the world people have been learning about and encouraged to use cloud hosting services to keep all of their files in because of the numerous benefits but now many are becoming increasingly skeptical, especially when you consider how quickly these hackers managed to get into the various iCloud accounts and publish the ‘private’ photographs.


Until now, cloud services have been highly beneficial for businesses, employees and the general public. Being able to work from anywhere in the world on any device we choose has been great for people who lead busy lives and fancy the odd ‘duvet day’ here or there, while businesses know that even when people are out of the office they can keep up with their busy schedules. Similarly, people working on their own laptops and home PCs don’t have to take up valuable space on their own machines meaning that they slow down to a snail’s pace or they have to buy an external hard drive; instead they can save it in the cloud and access the files whenever they need to.


The public are now likely to be somewhat skeptical of the Apple service in particular because of the sheer size of the company. The risk now for the general public is that if these hackers can gain access to celebrity accounts, what is stopping them from gaining access to our own?


This isn’t about scaremongering or trying to warn you off using cloud hosting services because they are without a doubt one of the best inventions in recent years. It is more an advisory article suggesting that you only store essential files in the cloud – the kind of thing you would WANT to access from multiple machines and the kind of content that you are happy to share with others either at home or in the workplace.


Cloud hosting services were developed to take the pressure of the traditional storage methods and come with their own security systems in place. If you’re worried about what hackers could gain access to, the simple answer is to save it on a memory stick. If you’re working on business files that would be of no use to anybody else in the world other than your department heads, bosses and clients: then the cloud is perfectly fine to keep using.


So if that’s the case, have Apple resolved their security issues? Well the simple answer is: time will tell. The tech giant claims to have changed a lot of settings back at HQ and users have been encouraged to change all of their passwords. There have been several rounds of ‘celeb photo leaks’ on the web, but there’s no telling whether there have been multiple hacks or if 4chan – the hackers – are still sifting through the one and only hack they made. If Apple are as good as everyone thinks they are – and they have shown in the past – I would be confident to say that yes, they have resolved their security issues. 

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