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Knowing about the website performance and every other detail is crucial for any online business owner. This helps in enhancing the website profits by making the improvements which may be affecting the business negatively. Today after deadly updates made by search engines such as Google it has become very important to track every step of business. This may be link building, SEO, marketing strategies and much more. Gone are the days when websites rank easily without much efforts. But today it is important to take every step with care.

Google’s webmaster tools can be a powerful arsenal to judge your website. But if you make the mistake by putting it into the wrong hands it can be trouble for your SEO. This SEO guide to the webmaster tools is a basic overview with the little insight. At its core, the tools are all about the metric- what’s getting linked, what’s getting indexed and what’s getting traffic. The Google webmaster tools is a free service that offers a wealth of information directed from Google. Once you have verified the details of your website with Google, they will be giving you access to all kinds of information. Below mentioned are the features of Google webmaster tools.

Set Website Defaults: with the help of Google Webmasters tool you can easily ask Google to show your web page with WWW or without it, by setting the geographic target. You may also choose the image if you want to in Google’s enhanced image search through Google image Labeler.

No Place for Errors: This tool will display all sorts of errors with the website. Not only it displays the broken links, but also other links that are driving in the traffic to the website for which there is no relevant page. This tool even let you know every detail of the pages that may have been constrained from crawling.

Analyze Title Tags and Meta Descriptions: This webmaster tool provides the list of URLs that have a duplicate Meta descriptions and title tags as well as the web pages that are too short. It also comes with a handy Google site search box. Google will try to guess what the user was looking for based on the search engine has indexed.

Enhance 404 Error Pages: With the help of this intelligent tool you can also know about the various errors such as 404 errors, crawling or malware errors which may be affecting your site negatively. You can also take the help of experienced SEO Company such as SEO firm Mumbai which can help you out for sorting all the errors out, when you know about them.

Top Search Queries: Did you ever wonder what people search for that you show up? Not sure, this kind of information is provided by Google’s webmaster tools. It actually displays you with the results showing up and what viewers are clicking along with their rankings. This can be also filtered by the search type on the bases of country, image, etc.

The above mentioned are just few but most important features of the Google webmaster tools which are helpful for any webmaster. However it continuously adds more new features to enhance the website functionality. When you are developing an SEO strategy, having Google webmaster tools on board can give you an exceptional standpoint providing new opportunities to recognize how well your website does and perform. Overall it helps in enhancing your overall SEO campaign performance thus increasing the profits and revenues earned.

Author bio: Jessica is a SEO and marketing expert who works in a reputed SEO firm Mumbai. She is into this field from past five years and is experienced enough to provide great results to her clients. You may know more about her at various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus where she spends her time. To know more click here.


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