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Office environments have changed drastically in the 21st century. Years ago, offices were built around creating tools to facilitate workflow. Picture a row of desks set up in an assembly-like fashion. Although this may have worked in those years, since the office was more of a heads-down working environment, the same approach to the office will more than likely fail in the 21st century. Organisations that plan on developing and maintaining successful working places will have to rethink the office setup to accommodate the way people in the present-day operate. Contemporary pieces of furniture can be found at the Melbourne office furniture store or by browsing their selections online.


The Evolution of the Office


During the 1980’s, more office furniture and tools were required to get the job done. Staff depended heavily on dictionaries, filing systems, balance sheets and many other printed resources. This also meant that the office had to facilitate more furniture. Thanks to the digital era, people now rely on on less to get their work done. Most office environments depend on tools like laptops and mobile phones. Filing cabinets have become obsolete due to the virtual office and the majority of paperwork is stored digitally. However, the need for certain fundamental office furniture remains the same. Basic and functional items can be found at the Melbourne office furniture store in your area. Every office needs versatile and compact desks as well as comfortable office chairs. These items can be found at a Melbourne office furniture store near you.


Desks have gone from big and bulky to small, lightweight and versatile. Furniture has become multifunctional, meaning that you can now have one piece of office furniture that does the job of three. Many multifunctional pieces are available at a Melbourne office furniture store for a reasonable price.


Offices that are Conducive to Productivity


It is important to have an office that encourages your team to make a joint effort to get work done. People from the present generation respond better when they are free to communicate effectively with colleagues. Communication is key to high levels of productivity. So when choosing office furniture, be sure to pick pieces that don’t restrict people from communicating. Less is more, so try to leave as much vacant space as you can in the office. This space can be filled once you know exactly what theme you are going to implement. Alternatively, you can allow your staff to personalise the space. There are many authentic items at the Melbourne office furniture store that you can use to develop your unique theme. This effort will obviously be a reflection on the culture and philosophy that they associate with the company.


Choosing bright colours will also play a big part in boosting employee morale. It will also help to motivate your staff to be productive and constructive during working hours. Bright coloured furniture creates a happy atmosphere in the room, which is always better than a depressed atmosphere. Bright coloured items are on offer at a Melbourne office furniture store near you. The colours may actually help people to loosen up and get their creative juices flowing. Visit Progressive Office’s Melbourne office furniture store to choose from a variety of office furniture to choose from to create your ideal work environment. For more information on their wide range of products or their location in Melbourne, visit


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