Forex Trading via Admiral Markets

Like share and stock markets the forex markets also involve businesses or private investors trading in currencies of various countries by speculating their price movement. These are considered to be the most liquid and widely accessed markets in the world. This is solely due to the fact that they are 24 hour markets working 5 days a week. Unlike stock trading forex trading does not have a central market place but the trades are conducted over the counter. All the major banks around the world quote for the value of the forex and the broker platforms take an average of them. Now the question arises who are these brokers and what is their role? These are called the intermediaries who buy and sell the asset for a commission. A very well known example of the same is Admiral Markets Bulgaria. They are considered to be one of the leading broker platforms who offer trading in financial products like stocks, CFDs and majorly forex. Not only Bulgaria the market is spread all over the world.

Founded in the year 2001 the broker firm was mainly established for bringing in transparency in forex trading. This was a major advantage for the individual traders in the world. The markets are regulated by UK Financial Conduct Authority located in London. With a staff of more than 400 people around the world the markets boast of almost $50 million trading volume per month. The online broker firm has been quiet a popular choice among the traders with more than 94000 active clients today. Time and again Admiral Markets have been the recipients of major awards in the financial markets. Other then Forex Trading the markets also offer trading in stocks, indices, precious metal and energy. The firm has a state of the art software setup and offers a seamless customer experience to its clients.

The markets offer three types of accounts for forex trading called Admiral Standard, Admiral Pro and Admiral MT4/MT5 account. The minimum deposit for the standard account is about 200 Euros or USD 250 while the other two have a minimum deposit of 1000 Euros or USD 1600. The standard and MT5 account type gives you the choice of trading in 36 currencies. While the prime account gives you the option of trading in 45 currencies. The broker platform offers leverage upto 1:500, 1:200 and 1:100 for the three types of accounts respectively. One of the major advantage of Admiral Markets Bulgaria is that all of the three types of accounts give the option of starting with a demo account. This helps hone your skills before venturing into real time trading. All the three accounts also offer competitive spreads with the standard account offering 0.8 pips while the other two offering spread of minimum 0.2 pips spread. The spreads can increase further as per the conditions in the financial markets.

To facilitate foreign exchange transactions the markets offer two types of software platforms namely MT4 and MT5. Both the platforms are highly user friendly and offer a seamless experience for both beginners and seasoned traders. They are available in all the three formats web, mobile and desktop versions and has all the tools and resources a trader needs. The payment methods in the markets are also quiet user friendly and one can choose between bank wire transactions or pay via credit cards and e wallets. Both visa and master cards are legal and can be used. Other than these one can also pay using pay pal as a mode of payment. Most national currencies are accepted as trading deposits in the account and later converted into applicable currencies.

There are various benefits of forex trading with admiral markets and some of them are discussed below. If you are beginner and still are in the process of learning the tips and tricks of the markets then trading in these markets can be advantageous. This is because the markets also you to trade for relatively small amounts initially. The initial deposit could be as low as 100 Euros. Since there is a constant supply and demand for money this makes the admiral markets highly liquid. Also one a trade any time as these are 24 hour markets working 5 days a week. As discussed above the admiral markets offer two types of software platforms for trading namely Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 popularly abbreviate as MT4 and MT5. This is one of the advantage for the software is quiet advanced and provides a user friendly interface. These platforms also have other trading extensions provided by third party software suppliers which assist in the process of trading and make it simpler. You have the advantage of accessing these software platforms on PCs, Android and iOS devices.

The forex markets also give you the advantage to trade both downwards and upwards by selling high and buying low. Another important benefits that admiral markets provide are the leverage which is an important feature in forex trading. The markets give the leverage of buying or selling for more funds then that is actually available in the traders account. Another advantage with admiral markets is that as discussed above they have an option of practicing on a demo account prior to real time trading. This not only helps you counter losses but also helps you hone your skills to become a seasoned trader. One has the advantage of trading in paper money but in real market conditions. Also there is no limit to using the demo account and one can have unrestricted access to it. Also the admiral markets not only provide ideal trading conditions but certain educational resources as well to help you trade better for profits in the long run. They conduct learning sessions in the form of webinars where one has the opportunity to learn from market gurus.

In terms of regulatory and safety issues the admiral markets provide complete financial protection to the clients. This is because the markets are a member of Tagatisfond and Estonian guarantee fund that provides compensation if the company is not able to meet its financial obligations. Lastly Admiral markets have one of the best customer support services that make trading simpler and less stressful. The team can be reached 27/7 via instant messenger, email, fax and phone. To conclude we can say that admiral markets are perfect for both new and experienced traders with the choice of accounts and user friendly services they provide.

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