Following The Right Track With Clarence Gooden

Railroads have played an important part in the development of North America as well as changing the landscape. Cities were able to grow as supplies were able to move quickly and freely carrying much more than ever before, as trains were able to bring people and communities closer together. Starting with the steam locomotives in the early 1800’s to the high-speed and cleaner burning fuel trains of today.

With the advancements in technology, today’s railroad is able to move much larger quantities than ever before, running more efficiently while providing job opportunities for many. One man who has been in the railroad business is Clarence Gooden who has been working for CSX Corporation for over 45 years. His interest and the love for railroads was something that carried over into his career while at the same having a blog where he writes about the all the good things the railroad industry has done, as well as providing historical facts and stories about railroads.

He graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts, in Political Science, he found his way working in various capacities for L&N Railroad and Seaboard Coast Line during the 1970’s. Clarence then joined CSX Corporation in the 1980’s where he has been ever since. Over the years he has held several positions starting as an assistant general manager-intermodal, he was also vice president, general manager of CSX Intermodal and many others, up to his title of today which is president of CSX Corporation.

CSX Corporation is based in Jacksonville, Florida, as president, he oversees the marketing, sales and operations of the company, being committed to increasing its growth while improving US rail transportation for both consumers and industry professionals. He is responsible for the company’s 11 billion transportation portfolio.

Clarence Gooden has played an important and crucial role in rail-to-truck transload, the delivery of industry leading rail and intermodal freight services. With a network that spans 70 ports and 240 short line and regional railroads, CSX has become one of the industry leaders and an indispensable part of the global transportation infrastructure. With his leadership and guidance along with his teams, CSX has grown to 30,000 employees which operate the largest railroad in the eastern United States.

Being the best and providing the kind of service that he would like to receive has always been on top of his must do list. He understands competition has increased over the decades and providing the best service you can is a necessity today. Always looking to improve upon things, Clarence works closely with his teams to see what can be done better and how to implement them.

Clarence his given his heart and soul to the railroad industry and will continue to do so, it is something that he has been doing for decades. To him there is no other means of transporting goods that will be more productive, time-saving and cost efficient than the railroad. Yes, it has come a long way from its early days, but for Clarence, there is always room for improvement.



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