Five professions that can’t be replaced by robots — yet

Do you ever wonder if the telegraph operator or the switchboard operator, two types of career professionals who once made a living operating humankind’s latest technology, ever expected their jobs to go the way of the dodo? Is there a way to know you’ve chosen a career that’s here to stay? You don’t need an abacus to figure this one out. Some jobs might seem to be older than time, but perhaps there’s something to that. Check out five professions that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.




Ever heard the saying, “Those who can’t do, teach?” Ignore it. If there’s anyone who can always do in the workforce, it’s a teacher. Since the dawn of time, humans have been teaching other humans about language, history, culture and science, no matter how rudimentary the subject matter. Now that the world is more connected than ever before, there’s even more information to share. The chalkboard and the slate tablet are things of the past, but teachers remain part of our future.


Health care professional


We’re only human, and humans will always get sick, need medical advice, give birth, and require treatments for disease. People might dispense with luxuries and vacations during times of economic difficulties, but they’re not as likely to give up medical advice or care when it’s needed. And while technology has certainly become integrated into modern medicine, healing still requires human touch. Some health care fields, among them geriatric care, are growing faster than ever.




While we’d all love to envision a Utopian world that proves otherwise, crime is probably here to stay, and someone will always be needed to understand and interpret the law. Laws are written to benefit and protect the common man, but they’re not as easily understood by the common man, especially in areas such as immigration law, estate planning, and workplace benefits. Need one, and you’ll always be able to find one in this litigious day and age. Become one, and you’ll probably always have a job.


Court reporter


If courtroom trials are cases of “he said, she said,” we’ll always need someone to document who said what. Responsible for recording the events of depositions, trials, and related proceedings, the court reporter will always be needed as a scribe. That should remain true until human ears become such infallible body parts that nothing is ever lost in translation, and that’s an adaptation we can’t reasonably anticipate in our lifetimes.




Children will always be a part of our society, and their care will always be foremost in their parents’ minds. Working parents will forever be in need of professional, trustworthy, recommendable caregivers, and with more mothers in the workplace than at any other time in history, the demand for caregivers is almost certain to increase. The same is true of professional caregivers providing services for the elderly, as this is western society’s highest growing segment. In periods of economic stress, consumers may give up new clothes, gadgets, or weekend getaways, but they won’t give up providing for their loved ones.


Realize the need to generalize.

Looking for extra job security? Always anticipate change, and always be ready to broaden your scope of understanding. Remember that every old-fashioned switchboard operator first had to learn to operate the switchboard. No matter how fleeting some types of technology might be, the savviest professionals are those who are always ready to branch out and acquire new skills.

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