Fishing gadgets you didnt know existed

Angling isn’t what it used to be, mainly because fishers nowadays are willing to take advantage of every piece of equipment they can get their hands on. From perfectly crafted telescopic rods that you can keep in the trunk of your car so that you’re always ready for every fishing opportunity, to gadgets like fish finders and a variety of others – you name it, the current market can probably offer it.

While we embrace technology in all of its forms, sometimes this race for finding depth finders, chart plotters, fish finders, and anything else one can think of is a bit disappointing. On the one hand, you need to invest a lot of time in your research to make sure that you’re getting the right product. Besides, you need to ensure that the device addresses your needs and solves your most demanding problems.

If you are feeling a bit puzzled as to which fishing gadget you should try out, we’ve put together a list of some that you’re likely to enjoy using. Keep in mind that the best things in life are simple, so if you ever feel like your angling experience is ruined by any such devices, be sure to return them and get back to your traditional fishing habits.

1. A Bluetooth fish finder

There are several models to consider these days, with some of the popular ones being Deeper, iBobber, and FishHunter. If you decide to go for one of these choices, you’ll get a transducer that can connect to any of your mobile devices so that it utilizes their display. The coolest thing about this kind of gadget is that it doesn’t restrict you in terms of how you see what’s underwater.

With typical fish finders, fish are displayed as arches, so you need a bit of experience to understand what you see on the screen. Most of the models we’ve mentioned above actually depict your potential catches as tiny fish. While most of these alternatives are limited as you won’t be able to fish in very deep or very shallow water, they still do a good job for a natural lake near your home.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of a multi-tool

While it might not be a gadget per se, a multi-tool always comes in handy because you can utilize it for many purposes. Such a product can get you out of a tricky situation if you want to clean your fish, deal with the hooks inside it, manage tangled lines, and everything else. Most multi-tools come with pliers, screwdrivers, and at least two types of knives. Just make sure that you model you’ll spend your cents on is made from a resilient material such as stainless steel.

3. Fish bite alarms

There are several kinds of fish alarms to consider. Some of them are holders, others are buzzers, and other models allow you to set them up and leave them be without having to take them off whenever the fish bites. Both the tone and the volume differ from one product to the next, as do the battery life and requirements. Basically, this is a useful gadget if you’re fishing from a shore and have several rods and reels waiting to be used. You won’t have to pay all that much attention all of the time as the alarm will notify you when you need to get involved.

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