Fisher & Talwar! The Best Truck Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

Accidents are a part of life, with that being said it doesn’t mean that one should get over and do nothing about it. Moreover, accidents involving heavy vehicles like; trucks, semi-trucks, trailers and tractors can lead to serious personal injuries. The worst part of being involved in an accident is when it’s not even your fault. You were driving like a responsible citizen and had to suffer because someone else was at fault.

Most of such accidents are common in big cities like Los Angeles. If you were involved in a truck accident anywhere near LA, it is advisable to contact LA truck accident attorney.

Why is it Important to hire a Lawyer?

If you have decided to file a lawsuit then a truck accident lawyer will be your representative at the court of law. The reasons you might want to consider hiring a lawyer are pretty convincing and are follows:

Information of the law and procedures: A truck accident lawyer is like a specialist in the area of truck accident cases. They know what they are doing as it is their profession. They know the procedures of the court and the law better than a common man.

To counter the defence: There is indeed a procedure in law to file a case without hiring any lawyer. But you might want to rethink as the defence might not do the same. Moreover, the insurance company will be ready with their team of lawyers to act.

Mental and physical condition: If you have been in a serious truck accident, you might not be in a good physical or mental state to fight for yourself. However, a truck accident attorney can work more efficiently and can help you provide justice.

What are the Expenses you should expect?

This part can be divided into two parts namely;

1. To be covered: The compensation money for the settlement can vary depending upon the damage that has been caused. There could be three cases mainly:

If the plaintiff is injured but alive,

If there has been a single wrongful death, and

If there has been more than a single wrongful death.

The sum amount is the highest in the last type of case. The amount in the last two cases goes to the beneficiary who files a case on behalf of the victim, which is usually family.

2. What you lawyer might charge: Usually, in a personal injury case, the lawyers don’t charge you directly. They take a percentage of the compensation money which can range from 30-50 percent. But it is better to talk about it in the early consultations.

What to do in a case of a truck accident?

If you have been a victim of a truck accident in the U.S. state of California, it is advisable to act as soon as possible. The state of California has strict time limitations in the personal injury case which is of two years from the date of the accident. But there is an exception, the state of California grants a one-year duration from the date of diagnosis of any harm or injury. You might want to take this limitation seriously as you will lose your right to file a lawsuit after the given time duration.

To sum up, being involved in a truck accident can be really nasty but if you decide to fight for justice. You can claim a sum that can change your life for the better good.

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