Features You Should Add to Your E-commerce Mobile App

Owning an online store eventually you realize the importance to build a mobile service for it. In e-commerce, it’s critical to keep up to date and follow mobile business current trends as well. Obviously, you would like to ensure perfect shopping experience for your users, thus, expanding the number of your customers and magnifying sales volume.

As to e-commerce mobile area specifically, no need to mention how popular e-commerce services are nowadays. Such high demand could be easily explained with amazing advantages that e-commerce platforms provide. Here are some of them:

  • source of income;
  • enhancement of business;
  • convenience of mobility;
  • customer loyalty;
  • greater choice of contact points;
  • being up-to-date;
  • personal communication with customers;
  • pros of push notification service.

So, to enjoy all those benefits, while building an e-commerce app decide on most vital features to implement to support your company. We would like to present you the following valuable functionalities for your users to enjoy your platform and for you to drive revenue. Here we go.

# Voice search

Adweek claims that by the end of 2019 voice recognition service marketplace will reach $601 million and by 2022 the figure will rise to $40 billion. Thus, it’s obvious that voice feature is in great demand among diverse mobile platforms.

Voice technology could become a handy tool to enhance user experience. We all understand that talking is much faster and more convenient than typing. Scientists have calculated that people can pronounce 150 words per minute and as of typing, it’s only 40 words per minute.

In case you are looking for an instrument to increase your traffic, voice assistance is at your disposal. Voice search feature is also to expand your audience – being in line with current trends will bring new potential buyers. Mentioned functionality makes an app more customer oriented, as you don’t make your users waste their time for typing. Thus, customer loyalty is guaranteed.

Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and other world-famous companies have included voice assistance on their must-have list.

The success of those market leaders proves such feature value. Think about it.

# Buy with friends

Give your clients the possibility to save and you’ll obtain more customers. There are quite a few approaches to do so, and buy with friends option is one of them.

We could have a look at AliExpress experience to see what it’s all about. Mentioned service offers their clients up to 90% discounts under the condition they purchase together with a person they know or even with a stranger. In such a way AliExpress motivates the audience to convince their relatives and friends to purchase more.

We know that you’ll find a way to offer your users tempting discounts for a win-win situation.

# Wishlist

Such a feature will work the magic to attract new users and turn them into buyers in due time. It happens that a user likes some product, but due to some reasons cannot purchase it right away. Thus, that item could go to the Wishlist to be bought under more positive conditions. It’s a smart shopping list to come in handy in due time.

myWishBoard is a living example of creating a separate mobile service based on a Wishlist feature. Being a social network the service serves for users to make a list of their desires exchanging it with their online friends. In such a way users might track how many likes their desires got and who else has the same wishes.

myWishBoard is quite popular. Maybe you also should think of taking advantage of the Wishlist feature?

# Chatbots

Chatbot is a nice tool that imitates human interaction using text or voice. Upon request of users, Chatbot can provide data on the weather forecast, for instance, or assist with simple tasks, like, getting a taxi.

Speaking specifically of e-commerce, Chatbots ensure 24/7 customer support, as they can respond to the audience’s questions and advise appropriate goods.

While thinking of Chatbot implementation, keep in mind that they could be of two types:

●     Basic platforms

Chatbot understands text and speech determining keywords. The program converts them into instructions and provides a response in accordance with a defined algorithm.

●     Self-learning platforms

Artificial intelligence is used to analyze dialogues with customers and to adjust to the user’s personality.

Obviously, self-learning chatbots will ensure greater user experience than basic ones.

# Augmented Reality

AR and VR technologies will definitely attract more users to your service. It’s pretty simple. Imagine that a user is looking for a bookshelf to purchase. He would like to be sure that the piece of furniture will fit his room styling. Thus, AR is for those who wouldn’t like to depend on their imagination.

Take a look at the Amazon example. Playing smart they provide their audience with the possibility to see how a new TV screen, for instance, will look on the wall even if a person isn’t ready to purchase it now. Perhaps he likes what he sees so much to buy it immediately.

It’s a great idea to let customers explore goods before buying them. And augmented reality is the one to provide such possibility.

AR technology shall help you come up with great user experience and enlarge your customers’ buying activities.

# Multiple payment methods

To make your audience remain with your service and enjoy it, provide them with a choice. It concerns everything, including payment process. When money is involved, people turn to be extremely careful and suspicious. Keep it in mind!

Thus, do your best to ensure that the audience can trust you, show them you care about their comfort.

Developers task is to determine ways of performing payment – mobile site, upon delivery, mobile app payment, etc. Make sure your audience understand what options they have to pay for your products and services. Give them something to select from!

Not the last thing would be to create a payment page in the same style to comply with your company brand identity strategy. Your clients will appreciate if they receive all important data during payment processing.

Undoubtedly security is a must in here. When it’s about money transactions make sure you devote enough time to ensure online safety. Find a reliable instrument to protect your platform from hacker attacks.

# Barcode recognition

The idea is clear here: customers use their cell phone camera to scan item barcode to find out more info on that product. Companies who realized the value of the given feature have implemented it in their mobile services. Walmart is one of them.

Let’s imagine you have an online bookselling platform. When someone would like to sell or exchange a book, to avoid wasting time by entering detailed data on it, a user could easily scan book barcode or ISBN code to provide all info required. Obviously, to make it happen book data shall be available on the Internet. Now you see how simple and practical it is!

Now we hope you have a few great ideas on what features to implement into your e-commerce mobile creation. Mentioned above functionalities are only general hints for you to use your imagination and come up with an excellent solution for you and your customers to enjoy.


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