Expansion of Law Firms

Small local businesses often start out with a single location and then expand into a much larger entity that can be considered a corporation. In the legal world, some law firms have multiple locations in major metropolitan areas to serve the needs of various clients. Rosicki Rosicki is an example of a law firm that started out small and expanded to a larger legal company. Small businesses often start out by serving only a limited number of local clients such as individuals. Eventually, such businesses realize the potential to serve more people and even represent other organizations and businesses.


New York City offers a perfect example of small businesses making a transition to a much larger scale within the same industry. For example, several lawyers may start out a partnership in the suburbs of NYC. The legal services may only focus on specific issues such as bankruptcy, foreclosures, child custody, divorce and litigation. Eventually, a small partnership that consists of only several lawyers may expand into a much larger branch in the heart of Manhattan. Having an office in the busiest part of New York City surely helps with attracting the right type of clients. Due to heavy competition in the legal sector of NYC, it’s important for law firms to specialize in something very specific that is beyond regular criminal law and common lawsuits.

While growing into a large company, it’s also important for some businesses to maintain a sense of history and loyalty to its origins in a small town. Therefore, many law practices keep their original offices open to the public to serve some of the first clients. Small town law offices also offer great opportunities for young lawyers to gain experience and eventually make the transition into the big stages in an office of New York City. Legal firms that have branches in small towns also provide great apprenticeship opportunities for students studying in law school. It’s also important for young lawyers to see the difference in how cases are handled in small towns and in big cities such as New York.

Some major legal firms also take pride in supporting great causes that help the local community. For instance, such legal companies can fund charities that provide a voice for children and the disabled. Young kids often get caught up in between parents that fight during divorces. Law firms can support coalitions and other organizations that can help give children a voice when facing unpleasant and even dangerous situations at home during custody battles and other marital problems. Law firms understand the need to advocate for the rights of young children that are neglected and abused. Small kids are sometimes too scared to come out and speak up about being abused. Social services may also do an inadequate job in protecting children from harm. It sometimes takes some action from charity organizations to look out for the welfare of children in abusive homes.

Many lawyers in legal firms also enjoy getting involved in community services. For example, members of a legal branch may participate in cleaning the local highways and parks. After such activities, the lawyers may also push for harsher penalties and fines for littering in public places. Law firms can also sponsor local fundraisers such as walks that raise awareness for social issues.


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