Eliminating threats with Risk Audit Professional Development


Risk Audit Professional Development is a leading risk assessment firm based in London that helps financial sector clients determine the potential pitfalls in their businesses, so they can avoid them and become more prosperous.

It’s about managing and controlling these risks, which are naturally inherent in every organisation — but especially so in the financial services industry — so that a business runs as smoothly as possible.

When they occur, catastrophic risks can upend a business and leave it flailing, and it may end up in ruination. It’s therefore essential that potential risks are identified long before they have the chance to occur.

That’s why a risk audit should be at the top of a financial company’s priorities, so that they know where the dangers lie.

Risk Audit Professional Development was founded in 1999, and today its clients include non-executive directors who have responsibility for corporate governance, internal auditors, operational risk managers and compliance officers.

The company engages in mentoring of its clients in risk assessments as well as organising in-house events that are designed to each client’s requirements. Corporate webinars, modular webinar programmes and classroom courses that are open to the public round out the company’s range of events.

The company believes that the results of a risk audit are of virtually no use unless the management are willing to implement changes to negate those risks that have been found. Among its most recent new courses is one called Landing the Audit Issue. It examines the factors that enable good communications with management, including eliminating misunderstandings, and techniques that can be used to persuade people.

All of these points, and more, are key to ensuring that potential problems are limited to as few as possible, by engaging everyone in the organisation, and enabling companies to grow and flourish.

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