Eco-Solutions for Shipping Businesses

All companies regardless of their size, are now challenged to look into more eco-friendly options in running their businesses. They might be in the form of small changes such as turning off the lights when they are not needed, switching from letter to A4 paper or printing on scratch paper when able. Changes can also come in larger forms. Instead of looking at ways to be eco-friendly in the office, businesses can opt to change their forms of production or project management. These have a larger impact on the environment just based on their scale and frequency.

Why make the change?

It might seem strange to change practices that have be tried and true for a long time. There is a learning curve when anyone, be it companies or common households, try to make the change. Taking the effort to invest in eco-friendly solutions might cost much more upfront or seem a lot more hassle than it’s worth, but when you look at the bigger picture eco-solutions are in for the long-term haul. No more single use plastics, no more future purchases. Beyond doing a good deed to reduce carbon emissions and waste, creating more sustainable businesses saves money in the future.

What can you change?

Shipping companies or companies that are dependent on shipping need to be careful about how their products move around. When done wrong there are a slew of problems, including complaining customers. There are three different kinds of packaging: primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. The primary packaging is what covers the product and keeps it in place. Secondary packaging is used to keep the primary packaging together. These are then put into the tertiary packaging which is used for bulk shipment. There is a lot of care put into how items are shipped. If one part is done wrong and the shipment is compromised, its an expensive loss. Besides the damage done to the product, there is also the money wasted on the individual packaging.

Reusable packaging or returnable transit packaging is used like tertiary packaging and is made for major hauls. There are a variety of designs depending on the shipping needs. They are strong, stable and the most important part, reusable! They are water and chemical resistant which not only ensures the integrity of the products but also that the investment in them is safe and intact as well. They provide the same kind of service as other packaging options without the heavy cost, for the environment or for the company budget.

Looking into eco-solutions is not always a compromise. There are innovative ways to increase efficiency while being sustainable. Making production changes such as the packaging during shipment, is one more step to becoming an eco-friendly company.


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