Drop shipping marketing: 5 tips you can implement now to grow your drop shipping business

Chances are you’re struggling to make your first sale from your store or perhaps striving to make one thousand dollars in sales annually consistently. You’re not alone, in fact, according to a report on digital commerce360, out of the over 24 million online stores in the world, only 650,000 make more than $1,000 in annual sales.

Having studied most successful online stores, we have come to realize a common trend among them – something that differentiates them from the average stores. And we hope that by sharing these insights with you, you will be able to implement them and finally begin to see the results you expected when you started your business.

Facebook Ads are at the core of their overall marketing strategy

Most of these e-commerce sites are leveraging the huge audience on this social media platform to drive traffic to their sites. At the last count, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook global users – these websites understood the significance of this number and are actively scaling their businesses using this platform.

Leveraging the audience insight tool in their Facebook marketing strategy, they are able to build out custom audience personas that they target with their ads.

So if you’ve never given Facebook marketing a thought before, now is the time to turn to this platform to scale your business.

All of them built trust through social proofs

People prefer to buy from brands they trust. These e-commerce sites understood this and took advantage of social proofs on their site. You’d find several reviews both positive and negative about user experiences on their site.

These testimonials and ratings can encourage new buyers to complete their purchase.

Your turn now: revisit your site add functionality that allows your customers leave reviews, ratings, and testimonials on your site.

More and more of the stores are implementing social video sharing in their marketing strategy

Video marketing is forecasted to make up 81 percent of web traffic by 2021; these successful sites are beginning to shift their focus to include video marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

For a small dropshipping business, creating your own videos can be quite challenging, an alternative you can explore is to share others’ relevant viral contents but remember to include powerful call-to-action to direct traffic to your online store.

Retarget and retarget again and again

The truth is most buyers are not going to buy on their first visit to your site. So what do you? Use retargeting techniques to get them back into the funnel.

The advantage of this method is you’re advertising to potential customers that have shown interest in your products earlier. According to recent stats, 70 percent of users who were shown ads after leaving your site is more likely to convert.

So go after those businesses and pull them in.

Stay active on Social media platforms

Most of these e-commerce sites are actively engaging with their audience on social media. They post relevant contents and jump into conversations when necessary. One other thing we noticed – they sell little here. They seemed to be more focused on driving engagement and staying top of the mind.

You turn now: create and update your social media accounts with relevant information. Share and engage with your audience and remember to do little of selling but more of relationship nurturing.

Final thoughts

Creating and executing an effective marketing strategy will see your revenue growing exponentially, and hopefully, these tips will guide you.

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