Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Marketing

How many times has the phrase “if only I’d known…” popped into the mind of a small business owner? Mistakes can be costly, and at times even fatal, so it’s much better to avoid them altogether rather than to try and clean up afterwards.

Here we look at marketing and the pitfalls that lie in wait for small businesses. Hopefully by the end, you’ll have identified changes that you need to make and areas to avoid. To learn which marketing mistakes not to make, read on.


Not having one, yes there are people who don’t, is a fatal mistake. A close second is having one that doesn’t work properly, with poor copy, and errors or tricky navigation.

Your website is like a store. You need people to easily navigate their way around it, see things they like, pick them up, and get to the till to processes their order. Simple, yet far too often overlooked.

Worse yet is that people use Pay Per Click advertising to get traffic to a flawed store. So they’re paying for visitors they’ll never convert into sales. Shocking.


Do you know the conversion rate of your advertising or marketing, or the Return on Investment (ROI) from your hiring of that search engine marketing services provider? No? How can you possibly hope therefore to know what is effective and what isn’t, what needs work and what doesn’t. You need to understand the analytical side of running a business. Usable data is more readily available nowadays, so use it to gain an advantage over your competitors.


Speaking of which, do you know who they are and what they are doing currently in terms of promotion or marketing? Could search engine marketing services help you find out. You cannot possible stay one step ahead of a competitor when you know so little about them. Yes you have to watch your own business, but you’re all competing for the same clients, so you need to be alert to their actions too.


If you’re one of many, you need to stand out, to somehow be distinctive. Ask yourself why should a client choose you and not another provider?

Market & Marketing

Are you aiming at the right market? If not, why? Whilst delegation to a search engine marketing services provided will potential help, if you don’t understand “the” market, you’re wasting valuable energy. If you do use a service provider, you still need to understand what it is you’re paying for, such as digital marketing, and moreover what ROI you’re getting.


If you do not have a clear written marketing plan, incorporating contingencies, you may be simply wasting efforts and heading in the wrong direction. Take a step back and plan for the week, month, year etc.


Don’t spend everything on one thing. It may not work. Be analytical before investing, otherwise you may regret your hasty decisions. Look at the data on increased site traffic, conversions etc. for each possible option, then ask for advice. Once fully informed, decide.


When it comes to marketing, doing nothing is not an option. Even engaging with partners is marketing, and it all adds up. So do something!

Marketing is a tricky area. Businesses can be easily persuaded that certain actions are the one true solution. But there is no magic, it takes continued hard work, just as running your business does. It need attention and management, even where delegated. You’re doing it for the good of the business, so better that you do it right.

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