Doing The Best For Your Business Marketing Wise

More Than Posters

Marketing is said to be one of the key factors in the success or failure of a new business and the continuing success of an established one. And yet very few business owners and entrepreneurs are trained in marketing, promotion or anything similar. So if you’re not an expert, how can you make sure that you are doing the best for your business marketing wise?

Case Study

Take a look at large and established companies and be aware of the many different ways they promote their businesses.

SPI Sanlam for example have made a sponsorship deal to support Saracens, a first rate rugby club. At first glance this looks like an odd pairing, a rugby club and a private investment firm that specialise in wealth management for high net individuals. However, when you think of the exposure that this kind of a deal offers and the sheer volume of potential customers that will see the SPI Sanlam logo on the club strip it soon becomes clear why this is a good PR strategy.

This is in addition to a whole marketing strategy that includes various different ways of promotion including website, social media and traditional promotional methods.

Tailor Techniques to Suit

You may be thinking that this sounds amazing, but you can’t afford to sponsor a rugby club! But the point here is to take ideas from larger companies and then tailor them to make them suit your own. Perhaps you are a small business with a mainly local customer base? In which case, sponsoring the local football team might be the apporpriate equivalent for your business. Consider who will see your promotion and what benefits this will have to your business before you make your decision.

Traditional Methods

Don’t totally dismiss the more traditional methods such as leafleting and putting up posters. These ways of marketing have been around for decades and with good reason, they give your business the kind of exposure that you need at a relatively low cost. You can also easily target certain areas, maybe simply the locality near your business or an area that has been highlighted as in particular need of your product or service.

Digital Methods

Social media is the latest and most cost effective way of marketing your business. It is free and relies on work of mouth which is one of the most effective ways of gaining new business. If you are not already online then set yourself up on the main sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. Look at existing business pages for ideas and create your accounts in a similar manner.

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