Do You Make These 9 Guest Posting Mistakes?

Guest posting is one of the most used methods in the content marketing industry a marketing agency in Manchester tells us. Guest posting increases search visibility, increases referral traffic and it is a great method to use for link building. However, there are numerous of mistakes that you could be making, and these mistakes could have a negative effect on your guest posting strategy. Below are 9 potential mistakes you should be aware of.

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1. Not Setting Clear Goals

You should be setting clear and defined goals. For example, creating relevant content to a specific keyword you are trying to rank for is a good thing to do. You should also get your content on blogs and websites that are already ranking for keywords in your niche.

2. Not Enough Prospects & Leaving Insufficient Time

Guest posting is not a short process. It is a long one, and when you send a post to people, not everyone will always respond to it. You want to set aside enough time to do guest posting, as well as making sure you have enough blogs to reach out to.

 3. Not Following The Guidelines Of A Blog

If you want to get rejected from any blog, then do not follow a blog’s publishing guidelines. It is essential that you follow a blog’s guidelines.

 4. Not Writing For the Audience

You need to know your audience in business, and this includes blogging. You It can be challenging at times to contribute to blogs that may have a different audience than you own blog. Make sure you know your audience.

 5. Using Used Content

Used content, or recycled content, should not be used on a blog that is not yours. It is important to provide quality content, and this means no using recycled content.


6. Using E-mail Outreach Templates

You should not use E-mail outreach templates, as most editors don’t like this. You should have a clear and good understanding what their website is all about, as well as who their audience is and what their audience like. You want to be able to show the blog that you can contribute content that will benefit their blog.

 7. Not Sending Follow-up E-mails

You need to have patience when it comes to guest blogging. Many popular blogs receive many emails relating to guest posting week after week, therefore your email could end up getting lost. You should wait a week or two, and if you have heard nothing back, then send a follow-up email.

8. Not Taking Time to Respond To Comments

Some bloggers will contribute excellent content, but then that is all they do. They don’t bother to come back and answer any questions or respond to comments that have been left for them on their post.

 9. Not Keep Records

You should be keeping records. Records allow you to keep track of blogging campaigns, which rejected you, who you had success with and so on. It is a good idea to track every little thing.


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