Different Types of Web Hosting Options for Today’s online Businesses

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web hosting 300x300 Different Types of Web Hosting Options for Today’s online Businesses

Are you planning to start a business or take oven an existing one online? Then, additional elements you will need include a website, a domain name and a web hosting service. Hosting your website on a server is necessary to get it accessed over the W3 system. Web hosting can be done through different types, some are made exclusively for ecommerce sites while others are for clients to host sites themselves. Web hosting is a wide business and does not include an easy task. Have you ever thought of where the millions of websites are located virtually?

Well, it is web server which is accessed by millions of internet users 24 hours a day. Hope you understand why managing such a big collection of data files needs expertise, manpower and energy and takes a lot of time. Web hosting services differ in terms of benefits and features each one offers. Here we discuss about the types of web hosting that are popular in the hosting business.

Dedicated hosting

As the name implies, dedicated hosting is chosen for one web server to serve needs of a single client. This type of hosting allows the client to have complete control on the server, though he does not own it. Client has also control on root access for system administration. The major advantage of dedicated hosting is high speed access and decreased downtime. However, it is a little expensive when considering the server maintenance and hosting cost. Hence, only big companies can afford and manage this form of web hosting.

Shared hosting

wb hstng 1 Different Types of Web Hosting Options for Today’s online Businesses

This type of web hosting is much more affordable than dedicated hosting. A web server is shared among many clients including its scripts and applications. Shared hosting itself indicates its major drawback – low speed and high downtime. This is because one server is shared among clients and that decreases access speed and increases downtime. Besides, free installation and updates of software programs are not allowed in this hosting.

Collocated hosting

It is similar to dedicated hosting in many features except the location of server. The server is located at a web host’s space and is owned by the client. This type of hosting is more expensive than dedicated hosting, and is affordable to clients who want more virtual security and high access speed.  Clients can do hardware upgrades without expert’s assistance.

Free hosting

As the name implies, this type of hosting is free with web hosts that create income through ads. However, you cannot get a domain name and has to use a sub-domain. The major benefit of this hosting is the free charge. People who have blogs or want to manage a simple website can use this kind of hosting.

Reseller hosting

wb hosting Different Types of Web Hosting Options for Today’s online Businesses


This type of hosting allows clients to be the web hosting company! It means, clients can buy hosting space and give it to third parties on rent. This will include hard disk space and bandwidth. Hence, you can be a web hosting company for others, even though you are actually a client. This hosting is a million dollar business as it lets original buyers to make income. Of course, the third parties cannot use certain features that are given only to original buyers. But, there are many people who prefer reseller hosting owing to the cheap cost than shared hosting.

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