Different Kinds of Cable Clamps Available in the Market

Cable clamps are usually used as accessories for wires and cables.  They are meant for bundling, clipping, clamping, labelling, guiding and protecting wires and cables. These clamps usually play a very important role during installation and also during maintenance of any type of cable systems. You can find the use of cable clamps in home construction, rigging automotive and many more manufacturing and industrial applications. These clamps are presented in many different sizes and types.

Organizing such cables can really be a nightmare unless it is not done right for the first time. Any drop cable clamp helps to ensure the work to be done and is kept perfectly neat by offering a variety of options that is based on the types of cable which is being installed. Such clamps can be self-aligning, compression, hinged locking, stainless steel, vinyl coated and steel cushion. With different options that is readily available, it is best to customize these clamps to the types of cables being implemented and also the location that the cable will be installed in.

Self-aligning clamps

To reduce various hazard of rubbed cables, any self-aligning drop wire clamps are designed having rounded edges. Style of these self-aligning clamps also safeguard the cables with its interlocking technology, which mounts and also secures the line in the manner that it cannot get separated from brace.

Hinged locking clamps

Such hinged locking drop wire clamp will have hinged design, which locks in place, when tension relief is provided from the wires. Such unique brackets can also reduce vibration because they hold securely the cables in their place.

Compression cable clamps

Compression cable clamps are also operating on a hinge. Here the compression braces will allow for the removal and addition of cables over the time. When any implementation in the future cables are expected these can be useful

Steel cable stays

Steel cable stays will offer a simple and quick way of securing cables. Such steel cable stays will have a glued back support which offers a protected grip for installation of cable.

Stainless-steel cable clamps

Stainless steel fiber drop wire clamp was designed for tolerating tougher environments. Its corrosion resistant construction with thoughtfully stamped edges will ensure very secure hold for these cables.

Steel cushion clamps

Steel cushion clamps will have an EPDM type cushion which lines the clamp’s inner workings. This rubber lining will absorb vibrations and will provide insulation for wiring.

Vinyl coated clamps

Vinyl coated clamps can offer more flexibility. You will find two types of clamps:

  1. Steel clamp
  2. Steel spring clamp

Both of these will offer a grip as well as insulation through such vinyl construction. Softer steel can manipulate the shape on the basis of wires, which are being installed. It is also to be noted that any spring clamp may show more favour to ribbon cables as well as supporting rounded cables. When these clamps remain fastened to the wall, due to their flexibility, it will allow them to be fastened as adjustments can be made to the real hold of these cables.


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