Demo Trading Account

A demo trading account is an account that provides review for an investor to try out different features found in a trading platform prior to placing trades. A demo account uses simulated funds for the investor to carry out fictitious trades for familiarization purposes.

Financial products such as options, futures and derivatives are experimented on demo trading accounts. These accounts provide room for testing different trading strategies like how to carry trades in forex. Different trading platforms provide demo trading account for Forex Etx traders to practice on.

 Some of the trading platforms that provide demo trading accounts are discussed as follows:

MetaTrader 4

This platform offers demos that have integrated insights and features for account management. It offers global market research used by Forex Ext Traders. Demo trading account in this platform has a free EA hosting abilities and web support for retail traders.

Agena Trader

This is an innovative platform that offers free demo with charts that open simultaneously for different trading activities to take place hand in hand. It enables scanning of various instruments in different time frames. It enables translation of system codes from other trading platforms.

Halifax Trader

Free demo trading accounts found in this platform allow access to global equities and derivatives. It allows access to futures, stocks and forex from one account. It also contains built in applications for risk management while trading forex with Etx on a demo account here.

It contains rich applications to enable customizing trade with multiple charting tools to boost analysis of the trading market. It also provides trailing stop features as well as order entry tools. Exportation of trading statements is possible from a demo trading account on this platform.

CQG Trader

A demo trading account at this platform contains bracket orders and trailing stops. Order management tools are provided for aggregation of the market. Features that are simple to drag help forex Etx traders gain practice before opening live accounts.

Market Delta

This platform provides free demo account that contain bracket orders. The demo incorporate the latest technology hosted software to boost productivity of forex Etx trading. It also provides ultra-low latency futures to improve performance of trading with virtual funds on a demo trading account in this platform.

Rithmic Trader

This platform offers demos that provide recent orders windows to display data regarding orders that have been completed. It also modifies orders and help manage them for specific contracts. A demo on this platform also provides a trader dashboard window that shows the position of a contract. Time charts are also available on demos here for historical market data analysis.

Demerits of Demo Trading Accounts.

Use of Virtual Money

Demo Trading accounts use virtual funds. These funds lack tangible value making it not involve risks of losing real money in the real world. This reduces the volatility of the market as forex Etx traders trade carelessly with demo trading accounts.


Demo trading accounts are trial software that only emulate the real market. It uses low simulated money that is not suitable to forex brokers.

Unrealistic amounts

Demo trading accounts provide unrealistic amounts that increases carelessness in trading. Trading requires calculated amounts because of risks of financial losses. Unrealistic amounts used in demo trading accounts do not help traders comprehend risks involved with trading with huge finances.


Demo trading accounts are trials to help traders gain exposure in the trading markets. The success achieved by use of a demo trading account does not guarantee achievements in trading with a live account. Demo trading accounts can therefore give traders a wrong impression that success in trade comes automatically which is necessarily not the case.

Limited Duration

Demo trading accounts have a fixed time duration of operation and an expiration date. Most operate for sixty days after registering. This inconveniences traders due to a termination of a demo trading track record at the end of the operating period.

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