Do You Deliver on a Safe Work Environment?

In your business, you know that the safety and well-being of your workers is of major importance.

That being the case, how would you rate the job you are doing in keeping them safe in the workplace?

Some business owners go above and beyond the call of duty with workplace safety. Others, meantime, drop the ball in this all-important aspect of a safe work environment. In doing so, they put their workers and even themselves in harm’s way.

So, would you say you deliver on a safe work environment?

Keeping Workers Safe and Sound

To best keep your employees safe on the job, remember the following pointers:

· Expectations – Though you are responsible for safety, impress upon workers roles they play. Remind them to never take shortcuts when it comes to workplace safety. If they do, they place themselves and others in potential danger.

· Reviews – It makes perfect sense to have several safety reviews during the year. From fire drills to parking lot safety and more, drill home safety. Although it may seem repetitive at times, it only takes one accident on the job to change a life or lives forever.

· Driving – Whether out on company calls or going to and from work, remind employees about safety. Oftentimes, accidents happen near work. Along with good tires and brakes, consider license plate backup cameras for vehicles. The devices cut blind spots, thereby reducing the chances of an accident.

· Returns – If you have an employee coming back to work after an injury, be sure to pace them on getting back up to speed. As an example, someone who suffered a back injury should not be back on the job lifting items right away. You may need to offer other responsibilities to them until right for a return to their normal posts.

Responding to a Workplace Incident

If you do end up with a serious workplace injury, do not try and sweep it under the rug.

Although you do not want to see your workers comp costs skyrocketing, you can’t shirk the system. File the proper paperwork and follow the rules when an employee suffers a serious injury.

It is also important to encourage workers to report unsafe conditions.

Yes, many employees will be afraid to do this, fearing their jobs could end up being on the line. If necessary, leave a box in the office where workers can place anonymous comments inside of. Those comments can pertain to what they perceive as deficiencies in workplace safety.

Last, learn from any serious workplace accidents. By doing so, you can better make sure they do not happen again.

Among some of these learning experiences:

· Back and neck injuries – Do your employees have comfortable chairs and desks with which to work at?

· Lifting injuries – If some workers have to lift heavy items, do you show them how to do it to lessen the chance of an injury?

· Parking lot issues – If any workers suffered injuries in the company parking lot, what did you do about it? Check for proper lighting, signage for vehicles, and of course that the lot is safe from intruders etc.

Failure on any level in the workplace is not an option. This is even more the case when it comes to those working for you.

Given how much your employees mean to you, show them you take workplace safety as a serious matter.

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