Debunking the biggest myths of SEO marketing – Throwing light on the facts

We all know that misinformation abounds in the world of SEO and online marketing and this gets compounded by an incredibly dynamic evolving world. Most of the things that you think you know on search engine optimization are just myths. The SEO world is ever-evolving and with every algorithm update, the previous methods, strategies and techniques become a thing of past. The SEO strategies that you knew of a few years ago have now changed and hence the previous ones are being considered nothing but a myth. Some of the facts on SEO that you need to move on with are listed below and the more you become acquainted with them, the better it is for you to handle your marketing skills. Have a look at them.

  1. Metatag descriptions boost your rankings: No, this is purely a myth as this no longer happens. In fact metatags are not even indexed by Bing or Google. But that doesn’t mean that you will ignore them altogether. Your metatags are the text that comes along with your link in the search engine results and yes a more interesting description will certainly compel the online users to click on your site rather than the others. Although this might be true but they don’t boost your search engine rankings.
  2. The more the number of links, the better: This is also not true anymore. Through all the recent algorithm updates, Google has made it clear that the emphasis should be on the quality of inbound links and not the quantity. Gone are the days of having thousands of low quality links as they don’t drive up your ranking. Rather they play a key role in getting you penalized. Hence, focus on getting links from relevant sites and authority sites.
  3. Page rank matters a lot: The infamous page rank of Google is a 1-10 ranking of the overall authority of the website. The bigger is the number, the higher is the rank of the website. In the previous years, this all-powerful number seemed to attract the attention of the SEO experts. Nowadays, the Page Rank still exists but Google’s algorithm has evolved beyond any particular indicator. Although a higher page rank trumps a lower one, yet there are many other factors that are also important.
  4. Google likes domains that are rich with keywords: Previously, Google seemed to put too much emphasis on the domains which were rich in keywords but this doesn’t happen anymore. Nowadays, the keywords in accordance with the name of the domain are not enough to acquire you a high search engine rank. Hence, instead of keyword stuffing, it is better to put the appropriate keywords in the best places possible.

Hence, if you’re someone who’s into LA search engine optimization, you should take into account the above mentioned factors. Leave behind the strategies which are of no importance now and adopt the new techniques in order to boost your site’s visibility and traffic. 

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