Data archive rules every business needs to follow

Most businesses tend to generate paper as if it’s going out of fashion. This presents problems of storage and accessibility and can end up in time wasting and chaos.


Keeping orderly records for business


From the moment you start your business you should devise an efficient filing system so that vital company documents can be easily accessed and recorded. Even if you don’t use some stored documents on a daily basis they should still be retained in an archive storage box.


A member of staff should be entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring the system and ensuring that unnecessary papers are regularly destroyed through a paper shredder.


Archive rules


In the UK, the tax office can penalise you if you don’t have the right financial paperwork to back up your annual company tax return. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that every document is stored and labelled correctly so that it can be retrieved when necessary.


If you devise a log system and then give your papers a corresponding number every time they are stored you should be able to find everything at a moment’s notice. Label each storage box accordingly.


Make sure that everyone in the company is familiar with the log and penalise staff members who don’t adhere to the system.


Sloppy storage could indicate bad business management


An American report discovered that only 49% of Americans think they can find a document with a ‘little looking’, and nearly one quarter had either lost or forgotten about an important financial document.’


For any business it’s not acceptable for a visitor to be greeted by piles of untidy paperwork.


Additionally, you should be able to retrieve any document when needed. Imagine the bad impression you’ll make on a potential new client if you are trying to tell them about a past project but you can’t find the right paperwork.


A good storage system will make your company look and operate more efficiently.


Destroy unnecessary paperwork


It’s also important to destroy any redundant paperwork. You don’t have to hang on to every piece of paper generated by the business and it’s vital to weed old papers from your storage system.

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