Community Aspects That Make for a Good, New Business Environment

Those who see themselves as entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to make their business ventures a success. For many, this includes the opportunity to set up a brick-and-mortar storefront or office center depending on what product or service is offered. However, a business set up in the wrong environment has a high likelihood of never taking off for lack of new clients or may gain a bad name for its surroundings. Here are some aspects of a good community that entrepreneurs should look for as they settle into an area.

Business Incentives

Taxes are going to be a very real part of any business endeavor. You should check into state and local tax rates for your desired area and check into property taxes if you are buying land. On the other hand, some areas offer tax incentives for a certain number of years to lure new businesses into an area that they are trying to improve.

Proximity to Public Transportation

Being close to public transportation is important for seeing new customers and to keep returning customers. However, it is also vital for allowing your employees to make it to work easily. Public transportation in your area signals that your city believes that your area is commercially important and thriving.


Safety is vital to keep your business free from crimes, such as burglaries. Plus, you will get more good, paying clients in an area that is safe. By checking with a reputable online source, such as Intelius, you can look up safety and crime statistics from the Intelius felony dataset.

Proximity to Residential Areas

Of course, being close to residential areas will ensure that your customers can quickly and easily get to your business. It can also be a great way to get your message out to new customers who are swayed by word-of-mouth.

Regional Amenities

Other things to look for in your desired area include good schools, a positive climate, a hard-working community dedicated to growth, plenty of business networks, good parking or easy walkability and good recreational options. All of these amenities will draw in your desired clientele.

Finding the ideal location to set up a business can mean the difference between dying business prospects and a thriving business community. Not only should entrepreneurs and managers look for areas that benefit their bottom lines, but also they should search out areas where their target market can easily find them. Such aspects as neighborhood safety and nearby public transportation are vital considerations to make before signing that lease or breaking ground.

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