Common causes of bus accident you must know

Buses are one of the most common forms of public transportation. If you want to cover a short distance from one place to another, you can choose a bus. Generally, people find bus transportation safer as compared to other vehicles; however, bus accidents also take place. In fact, according to statistics bus accidents are increasing globally, mainly among school buses.  It is important to understand all the major causes of bus accidents.


Seven Common Causes Of Bus Accidents


  1. Bus driver Fatigue– The major cause of bus accidents can be a restless bus driver. A bus driver can face problems like short sleep, insomnia, or any kind of fatigue which makes a significant driving crime. Due to the increase in bus accidents, many countries have even installed fatigue instructing machines. If the machine finds any unsafe pattern of eyes, the alarm gets activated.
  2. Distracted driving– Many times it has been observed that drivers drive a bus while talking on the phone or eating from one hand. This is a major cause of a bus accident in the Country. According to the statistics, 20% of bus accidents happen due to distraction while driving.
  3. Speeding– Most of the death cases reported is just because of bus overspeeding. If the drivers find that they are getting late or fall behind because of the traffic, then they increase the speed of the bus which causes an accident. If anyone in your family has been injured because of the fault of a bus driver, you must hire a bus wreck law firm to receive compensation.
  4. Alcohol and drug infringement– Drivers who are addicted to alcohol or any other drug are harmful to passengers as well as for the other drivers, driving their vehicle on a road.
  5. Faulty equipment– it is the duty of a motor company or a bus driver to maintain their bus because mechanical safety is also important. If any such part gets damaged at the time of driving, then it may cause the lives of many people. The accident is caused because the motor company does not check all the parts properly or the bus drivers repair the parts themselves to save the costs.
  6. Poor road condition– Some roads in the town and cities are very narrow. So it is difficult for the buses to drive. There should be a skilled driver to drive a bus on such roads. The damaged roads, weather conditions, and drainage system of roads also became a cause of the accident.
  7. Driver error– Driver should follow the traffic rules to avoid accidents. They lack proper training is also a cause of the accident. They must have a proper license to drive a bus. If an accident happens because of driver error then a wreck check lawyer and insurance team make a complete report to find out the cause.


As you are familiar with all the causes of a bus accident, you must have understood that it is sometimes difficult to overcome situations like an accident. However, the only solution is to hire accident lawyers who can protect your rights and help you receive the compensation you deserve for the injury you received because of someone else’s negligence.

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