Clients on Demand Review

Clients on Demand (COD) is the brainchild of Russell Ruffino. This high-profile coaching company teaches business owners best practice methodology to scale their operations, enroll the right clientele, and enhance overall business activity. Led by a stellar team of management consultants, coaches, and strategists, COD carefully selects the right companies to work with. Chief among the strategic objectives of Clients on Demand is the adoption of innovative marketing techniques to fast-track business success. COD provides businesses with the requisite tools, support structure, and can-do approach to problem resolution.


The team is comprised of 5 key executives, including founder & creator Russ Ruffino, managing director & lead trainer Jayne Jewell, director of sales Marc von Musser, marketing director Adrienne Richardson, and operations director Ryan Green. Together these business management professionals bring their extensive experience to the fore to help the right companies achieve their desired results. A team of expert coaches works diligently to assist business owners by fostering the right mindset for success. Extensive client experience, marketing expertise, and creative know-how is provided by Clients on Demand – an online business coaching firm.


The raison d’être for creating Clients on Demand is simple: to ‘show people how to create an endless supply of red-hot leads and sales, on near autopilot’. This privately held company is based in Glendale California, and the company size is 11-50 employees. Currently, Clients on Demand has a 5/5-star rating on Trustpilot from over 100 reviewers. The company has been featured on leading website such as Fortune, the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes. Business owners can follow Clients on Demand commentary with CEO Russell Ruffino in pre-recorded podcasts.

Clients on Demand Global Operations

Clients on Demand is a US based operation which currently employs 22 employees. The majority of the employees are from the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This small privately held company generates substantial revenues through its selective policies. COD only works with the right clients, and encourages the right clients to work with it. This symbiotic relationship ensures that high profile clientele can put the management coaching methodology, and marketing strategies to work. Clients on Demand differs from other consultancies in the sense that it provides technical assistance, and fosters the right mindset for success. Since Clients on Demand is an online operation, the company works with high-profile clientele all over the world.

What Clients on Demand Isn’t

Clients on Demand isn’t the answer for every business operation. This management coaching consultancy provides explicit information about the services it provides to clients. For starters, they actively discourage the wrong clients from choosing their services. There are 3 reasons why potential clients should avoid Clients on Demand, notably: businesses seeking get rich quick schemes, businesses which don’t solve major life/business challenges, and businesses which are not fully committed to helping their clients win. Clients on Demand is not going to work for your business if you don’t put in maximum effort throughout the duration of the course. Clients on demand isn’t for businesses which typically don’t charge their clients a minimum of $3000 – $10,000 per transaction. Small businesses which don’t add significant value for clients are discouraged from registering with Clients on Demand. This coaching and management consultancy has grown rapidly and is expecting $20 million in revenues in 2019.

Getting Started with Clients on Demand

Getting started with Clients on Demand is relatively straightforward. It all begins with a training video. The 40-minute video provides explicit information about the marketing strategies and approach adopted by COD. The program is costly, but considered a value investment by clientele. The motivational seminars, sales pitches, and marketing material is geared towards helping clients to make their way through the course on their own. Clients on Demand will not necessarily track your activity every step of the way – but they will provide all the tools that are needed to help your business succeed. To schedule a ‘breakthrough session’ with Clients on Demand, customers begin by entering their time zone, selecting a date and an available starting time. Various biographic information is fed into the online forms

Fees and Minimum Balance Requirements

With respect to fees and monetary issues, COD typically works with businesses which charge their clients $3,000 – $10,000 for goods and services or related activity. In other words, a high net worth selection of clients with high yield potential flocks to Clients on Demand. The precise fees for COD services are not readily available, and will likely require digging from prospective clients. The premise of the business model projected by COD is the 80/20 philosophy. In other words, businesses can justifiably raise their rates to premium levels, allowing the business owner to earn more and work less in the process.

Is Clients on Demand Safe?

Absolutely. Clients on Demand is the real McCoy. It has been featured as a rising star on the Inc 500 listing of fastest-growing companies at position #186. Such accolades are testament to this company’s commitment to growth and customer satisfaction. Strict privacy rules are in place to safeguard client information.


  • A 5/5 rating on Trustpilot from 101+ reviewers
  • Highly selective about the clients it chooses to work with
  • Spearheaded by Russell Ruffino, a respected business coach and marketing expert.
  • #186 on the Inc. 500 listing (2017) of the fastest-growing companies in America in 2017
  • Novel approach to solving age-old challenges faced by businesses around the world.


  • No visible evidence of licensing or regulation
  • COD is not designed for all types of businesses
  • Difficult to gather accurate information about pricing online
  • Challenging to prove the veracity of the claims made by COD

Is Clients on Demand Right for You?

Our extensive review found that Clients on Demand (COD) is suited to particular types of businesses and business owners. If you are prepared to pay the high fees for the program, perform all of the tasks and duties expected of you, it is possible that COD will work. However, this is not a silver bullet for businesses in need of a turnaround; it is a multi-week intensive study session that is geared towards motivating business owners to reach higher, dig deeper, and expand their sphere of influence far and wide. COD is perhaps best suited to businesses which average $3000 – $10,000 per client, and they make it clear that they are not interested in small fry. With this in mind, it’s entirely within your purview to determine whether your business is a good fit for COD.

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