Choosing the Right Key Cabinet

When looking for a key cabinet for a business, there are many options to choose from, some of them being better than others. There are key cabinets for estate agents, offices, hotelsand even cars.


If there is a need to keep keys in a file cabinet, remember that lock rekey is available only for a front door, not for a file cabinet (in which both a lock rekey and a lock change are possible). When it comes to file cabinets—it’s only possible to replace the lock entirely,so it’s better to do a good market research and buy a truly reliable file cabinet from the start.


The following text will help those who need a key cabinet decide which option suits their individual needs best.


Key Cabinet Types

If a key cabinet is used as part of a business that has many vehicles, it is important to one that has a wider body and deeper hooks. This setup ensures the ease of storing many keys. They become easily accessible, thus the business can be managed more efficiently. Also, if there are many cars, having a key cabinet that has a key drop box can be helpful. This means that keys can be safely dropped off in a timely fashion, without the need of having someone in the office.


Key cabinets that are used by real estate agents, hotels or offices, are not only useful in terms of security, but also for organization. Key cabinets that have multiple rows of hooks for keys can help to figure out easily which key might be needed at the moment. Use each row of keys for a different sector of the building, in order to avoid confusion.These key cabinets are usually either locked by a key, combination lock, or electronic keypad. Many of them are provided with different colored and numbered key tags, to keep houses or rooms labeled.If it’s needed, it’s also possible to find key cabinets with different sized hooks, to store different sizes of keys.


Key Cabinets for Home Owners

Not only business owners use these devices. Key cabinets that are aimed to be used by home owners are generally smaller (storing 1 to 5 keys).Home owners usually mount them on a wall, in order to have aneasy access to all the areas of the property. It’s better to have residential key cabinets installed by a professional onto a sturdy wall, so it will be impossible to get them unattached easily. If possible, look for key boxes that have a third party approval and are backed by good reviews.


Which Key Cabinet Fits You Best?

Before choosing a key cabinet, ask yourself a few questions first. What is the primary use? How many keys there is a need to store? Who will need to access this? And where will this key cabinet be located? Last but not least – the budget also matters a lot. The budget and the answers to the aforementioned questions will help to narrow down the options to the necessary minimum and then it will be easy to make the right decision. Good luck!

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