How to choose the right light bar for an ATV

Being lost in the dark, especially in the middle of the woods, is nothing if an experience you probably don’t want to try. Light bars can get you out of trouble regardless of the type of vehicle you will drive in the wilderness. If, however, you have an ATV and want to make sure you’re able to pick the right light bar for it, we can help you.

We’ve put together a list of simple tips and tricks that you should consider if you want to make the best decision and be sure that you select the right product.

Housing material and IP rating

These two factors matter quite a bit, because you don’t want to spend your precious money on an ATV LED light bar that succumbs to excess moisture or heat and breaks down after just a couple of uses.

By contrasts, you want a product that can assist you for as long as possible. The IP rating is a good indicator if you want to know that the light bar is both dust and water-resistant. Usually, IP ratings have two figures. The first represents the dust resistance and the second is an indicator of the waterproofness. Our advice to you is to pick a unit that comes with an IP rating of 66 to 67.

The housing needs to be made of specially thick plastic or aluminum, and that’s because they are both corrosion-resistant.


Nowadays, most prospective buyers are interested in getting LED light bars more than anything else, and that’s because these bulbs tend to last for a very long time. The problem with some of them is that they are fake or have a lower Cree or Epistle rating. What this means for you is that, right after having turned on the light bar, the light will be bright, but after a while, its brightness intensity will drop.

Of course, you won’t be left in the dark completely, but the light emitted by the bulbs will be unreasonably weak, so it will not really help you get back home safely.

Yellow vs. white

Does the color of the light matter to you? For most ATV riders, it does not. However, we couldn’t help noticing that most such individuals choose white LED lights over yellow ones, and that’s because they can be somewhat more accurate and let you know the details of the scenery in a more precise manner.

Ease of setup

Because this particular aspect is somewhat hard to tell, we suggest going through several reviews and reading a couple of forum threads to find out whether you can set up the model you’ve bought all on your own or you need the help of a professional or another ATV owner.

In addition to all of this, it’s worth noting that the review sections available at some retailers will provide precious information such as that regarding any mishaps or malfunctions with the unit you might be interested in spending your cents on.

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