Chance Gaming Has A Professional Side

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There are professional gamblers in the world. This has been the case for decades, if not centuries. It’s entirely possible to make a livelihood out of gambling—risky though that may be. There is a quotient of skill involved, and it involves a steep learning curve. And, with anything of this kind, the only way to get good is to work at it.

Numbers sometimes paint the picture more accurately than anything else can. Say you’re a professional gambler who has been at it for twenty years. Now in that time, you’ve only had four really large “scores”. Each one was for about $80k.

You’ve continued to gamble throughout that time, and your yearly expenses came to about $16,000. You actually made several thousand each year, but you lost more; so it took the big score so that everything eventually evened out.

From here consider an education. You pay something like $150k on a four-year degree from a top-tier university, live off loans during the interim, and graduate with $80k in debt. For the next twenty years or so, you’re subjecto a physical or on line time clock so that you can pay that off; meaning whatever paycheck you receive, a fraction of it goes to your loan. During that time you finance a car, and a home.

TAANSTAFL: There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Do you get the picture? Whatever kind of education you achieve, you’re going to pay. Short term winnings are spread out over time until it is revealed that, though they seemed large, they were really quite thin. There’s a perfect analogy you can use to think about this. If you pile up biological refuse into a mound, it stinks and rots. If you spread it thin, it fertilizes.

Money is like biological refuse. Horded it’s useless, spread it produces—you’ve got to diversify your investment portfolio. Chance gaming is one way to do that. You’ll soon discover any profit requires work and regular deposits of both time and money. If you put all your financial eggs in one basket, you’ll never get to that proficient point where it all pays off.

It’s better to do your chance-gaming piecemeal, and to that end, smartphone technology is ideal for helping you learn certain techniques which may eventually lead to enough acumen you can call yourself a professional gambler.

Regional Opportunities
If you’re in New Jersey, there are quite a few NJ online casinos you can get involved with, and many have discounts; like those on, which offer: “…codes when signing up for…new player account[s] to get the maximum bonus available.”

You can play games that are supported by free signup bonuses. If you win during the signup, you can deduct your winnings and then continue to game with the baseline fraction of your chance gaming investment. Say you put in $20 and got out $100. Take out $80, and continue to gamble with the remaining $20. You’ve profited $60 even if you lose for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, if you put in $20 and you lose $20, cap yourself for the day. In this way you can spread out $140 through an entire week; and that’s a manageable expense in relation to your regular job.

When you get right down to it, chance gaming is only going to be a viable professional activity for a minority of the population. But mastering it is more possible today than it has ever been before. Additionally, on-the-go chance gaming provides an excellent time filler for those situations where you need something with the potential for productivity to pass the time.

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