Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs

There is a big misconception among high school graduates that it is necessary to get a degree for good-paying careers. Without any doubts, degree programs surely aid in enhancing the chances of finding a good-paying job. But, attending a two-year or four-year college is not the right way for everyone as many degree programs are very costly that everyone can’t afford.

Surprisingly, many studies show that most Jobs in the Canada and Jobs in the UK don’t even require a bachelor degree. The good alternative to a degree program is getting a certificate program. They are short-term programs that take less time compared to a degree.  In addition to this, they are also less expensive than a degree. Certificate programs can aid you to develop the necessary skills and experience for a specific job. Luckily, there are certificate programs for every job field, which include information technology (IT), healthcare and administration.

Certificate programs are ideal for those who are just beginning their careers and those who have some experience and want to improve their skills to find better pay jobs

Here are the top 10 certificate programs that will pay you well:

  1. Web Developer

The role of web developers is to create and design websites. They can work in information technology related fields, computer system design organizations, or marketing firms. They can be self-employed as well. Web developers create a site and handle the site’s speed, capacity, and performance. According to salary.com, web developers can make $51,000 to $76,000 USD as per experience level.  Plus, many studies show that web developer will be the most high-paying jobs in the next ten to twenty years.

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  1. System Security:

As the count of hackers is increasing day by day, system security experts or professionals will be in higher demand all over the world in future. A certificate program in system security will guide you on how to protect your infrastructure and employer’s information from unauthorized access and attacks. This program is perfect for those who are familiar and passionate about computers and coding. The annual salary of system security professionals is up to $130,000.

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  1. Court Reporter

As crime will always be a major part of our society and that’s why court reporters jobs will always be in high demand. A court reporter certificate program will teach you the necessary skills to attain success in this field. Generally, court reporters work in legislators and courts. They have at least a postsecondary certificate in this from a technical institute or community college. They can make $51, 320/ year averagely.

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  1. Construction and Building Inspector

Construction and Building Inspectors are also in high demand in Australia, Canada, and the USA. The main role of construction and building inspectors is to inspect buildings and sites to ensure that the structure meets all necessary regulations and codes. You can get construction and building inspector certificate program from the community or local college. The average salary of construction and building inspector is $58, 480 and it is expected to the most high-paying jobs in the future.

  1. Language Interpreters

All thanks go to globalization as people from different corners of the world in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK is increasing on a regular basis. If you are able to complete a certificate program in a famous language, such as Japanese, Chinese, etc, then you will always get a job in social services, court rooms, and hospitals as a language interpreter. However, if you are already well aware of the language, then you can directly go for the exam to get a certificate. Language interpreters can earn $45,000 to $ 55,000 averagely. To look for language interpreter Jobs in the UK, you can visit Joblang to find the right job for yourself.

  1. Architectural and Civil Drafter

The role of architectural and civil drafter is to create drawings of buildings structural features or to create maps of different civil engineering projects, which include bridges, roads, and public works. They have a certificate in computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), mechanical drawing, and other engineering skills. They can make $53,480/ year averagely. No matter where you are in the USA, Canada or any other place, the demand for architectural and civil drafter is always high.

  1. Homeland Security Course

Are you interested in working for homeland security? If yes, then homeland security course is ideal for you. This program will teach you all the required skills to keep the country secure and safe. With this course, you can get a chance to earn very high. People after the successful completion of homeland security course can earn $100,000 per year.

  1. Restaurant Management

Thanks to the exceptional growth in the tourism and hospitality industry, the count of restaurants in every county is rising. A restaurant management course can help you to develop strong leadership, problem-solving and effective communication skills. Plus, this course will develop motivational and team building skills also. The pay for this job is high, with salary up to $125,000.

  1. Massage Therapist

Everyone knows that massage is the ultimate way to get rid of stress. A certificate program in massage therapist will teach you the necessary skills to practice massage effectively. As today count of people opting for massage is increasing day by day and that’s why finding work in this field is easy. A massage therapist can make around $38,000.

  1. Surgical Technologist

Surgical technologist aids in hospitals operating rooms. In fact, they aid in preparing operating rooms, sterilize patients, arrange equipment and aid doctors during surgery. Surgical technologists complete a course in surgical technology that lasts for free months or even two years. They can earn $45,160 averagely.

These are some certificate programs that can lead you to high-paying jobs in the future. Considering the availability of many certificate programs, finding the right one that suits your requirements is not difficult. More, it will require only a few months of your hard work, time and money to complete the program. Once you successfully get a certificate program, it will open countless opportunities for you so that you can easily attain your goals.

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