Why You Should Care about Your Photos: A Primer for the Working Professional

It has often been repeated that a picture paints a thousand words. In today’s world where everyone is easily visible to everyone else because of social media, the pictures you post say a lot about who you are. It is therefore imperative that we take great care in shooting and selecting the photos we share because whether we like it or not, these photos or selfies invite attention and many times, judgment, from the universe’s prying eyes.

Speaking about judgments and photographs, there is one very important photo not many working professionals seem to care much about – that solo shot that initially determines your professional destiny.

What do your photographs say about you?

Apparently, a lot. Take for instance, the photos embedded or attached to your resume. Have you ever wondered what your head shot communicates to your prospective employer? Heavily made up pictures make you look self-obsessed, insincere, and capricious. To the other extreme, unfiltered photos of yourself make you look unprofessional, unkempt, and lacking in self-worth.

The right stuff

Ultimately, the right photo you should use for your resume depends on what particular personality you are trying to project. Do you want to be perceived as classy, confident, cool, calm, and collected? Opt to show more teeth, angle your shoulders a bit, and try smiling with your eyes. Do you want to project quiet confidence, determination, grit and strength? Then go with a closed smile, squared shoulders, with eyes directly looking at the camera. Try practicing in front of the mirror until you get your stuff right!

You are what you wear

Achieving the right facial expression and perfect body angling is only half of the equation, mind you. Choosing what to wear in your photos also forms an integral part of the projection process. First rule of thumb: make sure that your clothes fit you perfectly. There is nothing worse than wearing something that you obviously borrowed! Choose your colours well and make sure it complements your skin tone. Blacks and whites normally project authority and sophistication. Pastels project energy and passion. Remember that your wardrobe choice will impact the way you look and contribute to that first professional impression.

With today’s camera technology, you can actually take this perfect photograph of you, yourself. However, if you are technologically challenged or you do not trust your hardware (camera phone) to take excellent photos, you can employ the services of professional photography studios. Clients of MonkeyBusinessStudio.co.uk for instance swear by this studio’s expertise in helping project ‘the right’ image for you.

Planning on a career move sometime soon? Take a minute and focus on your photo. It might be the key that determines where in the corporate food chain you will be.

Image: Pixabay.com

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