You Can, But You Shouldn’t Do SEO For Your Own Business

Your boss has asked you to cut down on the expenses and one way you can think of is to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the business yourself.

Quite a brave move! Yes, it is a brave move since even though you have all the resources available online for a reference, there are high chances that you may miss on a point or two. And then, it is your business’s sales and branding that is at the risk.

SEO is a continuous and vastly spread process. There are many things across the web that are required to optimize your website, brand, &in larger terms, your whole business.An expert search engine optimization Los Angeles company can bring more fruitful results instead of taking this task on your own shoulders.

When you decide to do SEO for your website yourself, you might not have thought the following:

  1. It is harder than it reads

We do have expert writings over “what is SEO” and “how it should be done”. Some are even written in a user-friendly easy language which might give you an illusion that it is not a hard thing to do. But, in reality, itis more than you read. For example, there are some technical considerations of a website (site indexing, sitemap, NAP, redirection to crawlers) which are complex and hard to do if you do not have rights of website management and a technical background. There are other factors as well, like incorrect keyword analysis, poor ranking backlinks, etc.

  1. Search algorithms change frequently

You are undoubtedly burning your midnight lamp oil to understand and implement SEO for your business website and brand. But next morning you wake up with the news of “Search Engine Algorithm Update” and on reading the update you have found that one or more SEO strategy which you implemented last night, are now considered as bad SEO practice. What now? You have to identify, understand and optimize again based on the changed rules.Sometimes, you do not even know that an algorithm change has come into the market. And silently suffering the loss without any knowing the reason.An SEO pro however pays attention to these algorithm changes and how they affect search engine results pages (SERPs) and can work instantly with the remedy before a major damage is done.

  1. Mistakes are too risky

A good SEO, done on your own can bring fortune to your business, but the not-so-good SEO can heavily penalize your business in terms of sales, customers, and revenue. As it is said, not all SEO is good SEO. Some common mistakes include:

  • Artificial backlinks

  • Keywords Stuffing

  • Unrelated keywords

  • Cloaking

  • Content duplication

It requires an experience and consistency to understand a thin line between good and bad SEO practices.

  1. You may miss on right tools& their results

There are many analytical tools available online that can help in implementing SEO strategies. For example, Keyword planners, content analysis tools, website health checkers, website analytics and more. The basic free version is helpful only to some extent, but premium versions may put pressure on your budget. They are important though. Also, their analyzed results are bit complicated and interrelated.

The SEO companies, however, can invest in such tools and have expert professionals who can analyze the results better. They can deduce the performance of SEO efforts by combining values from different analytical tools and their performance indicators.

  1. Lagging in competitions

Competition is what keeps us all going. Along with individual efforts of search engine optimization, an eye over the competition from similar businesses is useful. This is needed to identify the best strategies which would work in distinguishing you from rest of the lot. You would need regular hours of research and understanding of this.Or you can hire an SEO professional who has work with many businesses and knows what has and hasn’t worked for others.He/she can help in creating a unique selling proposition, decide which audiences to target, brainstorming content topics and more.


There is no doubt over your ability to understand and do SEO on your own. The only assertion is that the professionals have an upper hand when it comes to optimization of your business website. If you have a budget constraint, go for a basic package to start with, and update as per the results. After all, something, if not all, is better than nothing (or negative).

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