How You can Get Better Value from the Plant Hire Service You Choose

There’s no doubt that hiring your plant equipment for your next construction project is the best way to go – the advantages are simply too numerous. Compared to buying your expensive tools outright, hiring gives you the best value for money, allows you to pick the best equipment you need for that particular job, ensures you have less maintenance and storage headaches, and provides you with much better cash flow prospects.

However, there are a lot of plant hire services you can choose from, and it’s not always easy to see which would serve you best. You need to be sure that the equipment you choose is exactly what you need and that your contract doesn’t tie you up with unnecessary expenses. So how do you select? Here’s how you can get better value from the plant hire service you choose.

Equipment first

Before you hire the equipment that you need, you should understand exactly the nature of the job that you hope to accomplish. But think beyond that – there may be several jobs to be done, and perhaps a certain piece of equipment can serve you in various ways. If you can find a flexible tool, it may save you much money indeed. Furthermore, test the equipment and make sure it is both efficient and easy to work with.

Logistical requirements

These items should be specified in the contract you sign, and you should be absolutely clear about the logistical requirements. Will the company that you rent from deliver and pick up the equipment – and when? What about the maintenance, and the required fuel or energy? How about insurance, and possible repairs? Be clear on every item.


Often a plant hire service, such as plant hire Preston professionals like Ruttle, can give you invaluable advice on how to use the equipment as well as knowledge through experience of how certain jobs and projects can be completed in the most efficient way. A plant hire service that gives you great advice provides you with great service.

Money and downtime

What happens during downtime? Will the equipment be replaced whilst it’s repaired? Make it clear.

There’s one more important thing to consider. If at all possible, choose the company that gives you the best deal in the area that you are going to be operating; the site of the construction. Not only will this lessen the costs of the plant hire service (which can then pass on the savings to you), the company close to the construction site can probably recommend to you a lot of local services that are an invaluable support (think of crew, rubbish and debris removal, suppliers of materials, and so on). It’s a balancing act and you need to balance the pros and cons carefully. Choose wisely.

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