How You Can Build a Website Without Any Training or Experience

As you look back at the evolution of websites over the past decade or so, there have been some very big changes and noticeable trends. Today, the Internet is used by just about everyone as a source of information, a place to market your business or service, and for entertainment. Where it used to be that website building was simply left to the professional coders out there, today more and more people are learning that they can build a rather impressive looking website without any training or experience whatsoever.

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to build your own website for either a small side business, a new company you have just started, or even just for fun but you don’t have any sort of formal training. The good news is that the lack of training doesn’t have to stop you, and here’s why.

Make Use of Free Online Tools

Today people have an absolutely incredible amount of free online website builder tools available to them that take all the stress and confusion out of the task. These website building tools are meant for people just like yourself who have never built a website before, don’t know how to get started, and who want a professional final look.

Take for example Wix, which is named by Beautiful Life as one of the best free website builders out there. This tool is meant for those who have ease-of-use at the top of their list. It comes with a number of website templates to get you started, you can drag and drop items into the website editor, and it offers free hosting and built-in Google Analytics. This is ideal for building a business page since you’ll have the tracking tools you’ll need.

Other notable free website builders include Weebly, ucraft, and WebNode.

Each of these offers such things as free domain (through their own subdomain), free web hosting, and typically a variety of free website templates. Keep in mind that the free builder tools sometimes have a limited range of features and may limit how many pages you can build. Still, it’s usually enough for a small business or the beginner who is just building a personal webpage.

Be Sure You Research What to Include in the Website

Now that you no longer have to worry about the coding aspect of building a website, the other aspect to consider is the content itself. Again, you don’t have to have experience but there are some basic rules that are wise to follow.

The goal of any website is to attract traffic, which means the higher your ranking is in Google, the more likely you are to get noticed. Some tips that will help you improve your ranking include:

Adding photos and videos

Creating a blog and getting guest bloggers

Updating the content on a very regular basis

Making use of keywords

Make sure your site’s speed is adequate

Your website should also have a clear and concise description of who you are, especially if it is for your business, how to contact you, links to any social networks you are on, and a design that is pleasing.

The days of needing expert training in order to build a basic website are long gone, as more and more people discover they are capable of building a very professional looking site.

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