How bitcoin can now be used for shopping and for online casino

When it comes to money and investments, today everything is about bitcoin. Every investor talks about this cryptocurrency being the next big deal in the world of finance. As risky as it may seem, today thousands are investing their hard earned money into buying bitcoins the current value of which seems to continuously fluctuate between 15.000 and 19.000 USD. Although we would definitely advise you to decide on investing into bitcoins only after consulting with a well appreciated financial advisor company, we are glad to inform you, that today, there is also a way to spend your bitcoin, without having to exchange it. 2018 seems to already have made big changes for all the bitcoin industry and tons of websites have decided to include the cryptocurrency into their methods of payment. Let’s introduce you to some of the key websites where you can now spend your bitcoins without a problem.


The first major dealer which had been the first to accept bitcoin as a way of payment overstock also actively takes part in the bitcoin business due to its joint venture with tZero. All you need to do is that when you proceed on to the payment part you will need to choose bitcoin as your preferred method of payment. Then the payment system will let you know of all the rest you will need to do, to finalise your payment.

eGifter: this is a great gateway for everyone who would like to spend their bitcoins at any major e-shopping websites, including Walmart, Target, Sears, Sephora and so many more. All you need to do is to setup an account on eGifter which deals with the selling of gift cards for all the major e-stores in the United States. Once you purchase your gift card for the store you would like to buy goods from and pay using bitcoins, you are good to go and shop as normal at your preferred store. This is a great way around using bitcoins for buying any sort of goods.

Newegg: once of the latest additions to the bitcoin boom is Newegg a website which is specialized in selling all sorts of electronic gadgets for an international customer base. Attention: you won’t be able to pay for goods which are offered by a reseller on the Newegg website. It’s currently only to be used for direct purchases.

Shopify: set up your own website accepting bitcoin as a method of payments. Shopify now includes Bitpay as an additional payment platform for those who want to accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

Expedia: this is among the largest travel websites which offers all sorts of tours, travels, plane tickets, hotel bookings all around the world and is now accepting bitcoin as a method of payment.

About online casinos accepting bitcoins:

While land-based casinos are not yet keen on accepting bitcoins as a form of payment, there are a growing number of online casinos where you can pay using bitcoins. Luckily there are many websites which see the growing possibility in bitcoins and make it for you all hassle free to win or lose your cryptocurrency if you wish so, you can click here for free spins. Additional conditions may apply however which depend on the exact online gaming site.

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