It is better to hire a professional content marketing service – Few facts and stats

For many years now, the word ‘outsource’ had had an ugly ring associated to it in the SEO community. People unknowingly assumed that companies which outsourced their content were not at par with their competitors or were lazy to get things done with their in-house tea. However, nowadays outsourcing has become the legal and too commonplace. If you’ve ever considered outsourcing your business content, read on the concerns of this article to know why it is said to be the smartest and wisest business decision.

Outsourcing content to professional services – Why is it necessary today?

These days, in order to achieve anything, you have to outsource content. The demand of content is rising everyday and most of the major brands and striving hard to keep up with the soaring demand. It is sad enough to note that the in-house teams rarely have time, expertise and workforce to create good quality content and deliver them on time. To bridge this gap, there are many companies which turn to outsourcing content to professional content marketing services like Take a look at the few benefits offered by the professionals:

  • Professional services allow you to reach out to your target audience in an effective manner
  • Professionals can make your content more target audience-focused and reader-friendly
  • Professionals understand the climate of content and can help you stay in Google’s good books
  • Professional services can build your brand from the scratch

Statistics and facts which prove the value of professional content writing services

With the growth of your business, the vitality of content creation gets more pronounced and definite. Here are few statistics which prove the worth of content writing services.

  1. Only 40% of marketers believe that they can produce good content

Though it is widely known that content is kind, yet only a small fraction of marketers claim to know what it takes to become an effective writer. It is true that it is difficult to create useful content which provides good results and hence the assistance of a skilful agency can help you in a long way.

  1. 60% of marketers shape at least 1 entire content piece everyday

A 1000-word blog post takes hours, more when you have to write it, proof-read it, add quality links, decorate with relevant visuals, fact-check it, proof-read it again and publish it. So, we see that shaping good content always takes time and this lengthy task can soon get intimidating for the marketers. Hence, it is better to outsource such tasks to service providers.

  1. 94% of B2B marketers are utilizing content marketing

Content marketing is gradually gaining momentum and companies which still haven’t adapted to this trend are lagging behind. Content marketing offers users authoritative, relevant and unique content in such a way that they don’t have to make any further changes. Hence more and more B3B marketers are leveraging them.

Hence, if you’re someone who is still giving content marketing tasks to your in-house team, make sure you change your decision and instead hire a professional company which offers good quality content writing services.

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