Best Coffee Machines to Hire for Your Office

It is no secret that a large proportion of our productivity is fuelled by our caffeine consumption! According to one UK report, we drink approximately 70 million cups of coffee a day and while we continue to stay loyal to our favoured brands, the taste and quality is becoming more important.

Further to this, many people believe they need coffee to get themselves into a productive state of mind. That’s why we typically find coffee as a staple feature in our workplace. To supply this demand many offices install professional coffee machines so their workforce can enjoy a decent cup of coffee whenever they need.


Coffee machines now come in a plethora of specifications. Fortunately, by looking at your office requirements you’ll be able to select a suitable coffee maker, you can easily make an effective and informed purchase. For example, if you are working in a smaller office, a machine with a relatively small carafe is enough. However, if you are working in a very large office, a machine that can easily fill a large coffee urn might turn out to be exactly what you need.

Depending on the size of your business a capsule coffee machine may be sufficient but if a large proportion of your people work from their desks throughout the day then this may not be the optimal solution. In these circumstances it’s worth looking at purchasing a filter coffee machine or even leasing a commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine. These will be far more efficient.

There are also those coffee machines that feature hot water dispensers. This is without doubt a great feature as it allows individuals in the office to make other hot drinks without disrupting the production of coffee.



Another element that would be extremely useful within the office environment is a coffee machine that has a self-clean feature coupled with a “time to clean” indicator to inform you when calcium has accumulated. What’s more, in a shared environment responsibilities like cleaning the coffee machine is likely to be ignored simply because of the phenomenon known as the ‘tragedy of the commons’. By hiring a machine with basic cleaning measures such as an auto-clean, you can easily avoid the pitfall of no-one taking responsibility to clean the machine.

Having said all that, let’s now take a closer look at the specific coffee machine that can suit your office depending on the size and number of co-workers.


Technivorm Moccamaster

Best Drip Machine – these uniquely handmade coffee makers not only make some of the best drip coffee around they also look fantastic! What’s more, the Technivorm Moccamaster puts out about 10 cups of high-quality coffee in roughly six minutes, so this means coffee should not be in limited supply, even in offices that are having a relatively high number of workers. The thermal carafe, even though it may appear less fashionable than the glass version, keeps the coffee warm for up to 6 hours without scorching it with a hob.


Bodum Chambord 51 Ounce


Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione V2

This is among the best espresso machines available today. Well, if nothing but the best will work for you and your colleagues, then take the plunge and hire a good espresso machine. These espresso machines are manufactured in Milan, and are not only of top-notch quality but look fantastic. The Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione V2has a 2.9-litre tank, and also the ability to be plumbed directly to the water source in your office. Most particularly, the Giotto Evoluzione uses an E61 brew group, which has for a long time now been heralded in espresso and coffee circles for making implausible shots.

Actually the best Siphon – Siphon brewers are undeniably equal parts coffee art and science. The Traditional ones certainly look fantastic, but with complex pieces of glass and an open flame, they can be very hard to use in the workplace. KitchenAide’s Siphon essentially makes it much more accessible, and with a magnetic seal and an electric heating element that gives the coffee machine the airtightness it needs to brew, but again makes it absolutely easy to break down for proper cleaning.


Nespresso VertuoLine

Nespresso VertuoLineis a top rated capsule coffee machine – Clear proof that pod coffee does not really have to be ordinary, Nespresso machines actually injects the K-Cup idea through espresso instead of just coffee. The VertuoLine is the ultimate machine that can make large cups of coffee, as well as small shots of espresso. If you are into cappuccinos and lattes worry less because this machine also includes a milk frother.


Jura Bean to Cup Coffee Machine



This coffee machine also has a hot water function for those few days when you would instead have a cup of tea. This environmentally friendly coffee machine uses zero energy when in standby mode and has up to a 20 cup water reservoir that caneasily be topped up whilst the machine is in use. The Jura Ena 3 actually rates among the bestbean to cup coffee machines on the market today.


Douwe Egberts

This manufacturer builds highly efficient coffee machines. They are ideal for offices that need larger volumes of instant coffee. Douwe Egberts professional coffee machines provide a quick and easy way for staff to satisfy their coffee needs throughout the working day. Nevertheless, for those occasions where a nice fresh brew is needed then Douwe Egberts offers the right solution. With their powerful bean-to-cup machines your workforce can enjoy barista style coffee at the touch of a button.


Qualita Vittoria

Not really meant for large scale, but every single bit as impressive and remarkable for the large office, is the Qualita Vittoria (tall cup). This particular model actually comes in two variations: 3 Group – up to 360 cups per hour and 2 Group – up to 240 cups per hour.

This highly regarded coffee maker was designed in Veneto, Italy and comes in exquisitely polished stainless steel. It comes with the very latest brewing technology and is automatic just to ensure consistent temperature stability. And just like most instant coffee machines, Qualita Vittoria has a constant supply of hot water for tea lovers. For the environmentally conscious, it is important to note that this coffee machine is equipped with an energy saving mode for quieter periods of the day.


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