Best Casino Games To Play in 2018

The number of casino games has increased significantly over the years as people prefer gambling at the same time as they are enjoying the casino game as a leisure activity. Therefore, for a casino game to have more fans it must have eye-catching features and the game should also be accessible anywhere and every time. Casino operators work tirelessly to provide the best casino games where you can enjoy different services in the same game. Modern casino games include almost every game such as classic table games, classic lottery games where you can participate in lotto draws and also includes slot games. We explore some of the best casino games in the UK.

Gunslinger Reloaded

Gunslinger Reloaded is a progressive jackpot slot game where you grow your jackpot in a small Western town. The Gunslinger jackpot increases by looting from the wild cowboys, but the challenge is to steal from them without being noticed as the cowboys have pistols and are ready to fight. The game is fun to participate in as it involves settling the loot to grow the jackpot so that you can start spinning into the game. The minimum bet amount is £0.25, and the maximum amount is £100.

NetEnt Blackjack Pro

NetEnt Blackjack Professional series is a card game which involve playing against the NetEnt dealer, either with one hand or three hands. You can also participate in side bets where you can receive different payouts depending on the number of similar jacks you get. You get blackjack if you have 21 in your counted cards. It can for example consist of a number 10 or any suited card (such as the King, Queen or Jack) and an Ace. You win the main game blackjack bet when you get hold of the blackjack and lose when the dealer has the blackjack. However, when you both get hold of the blackjack, then there is no winner, and you still get the amount betted returned. The maximum bet amount must be equal to the main game blackjack bet. This game can be found in blackjack online and on live casino websites.

Evolution Live Roulette

Evolution live roulette provides a wide selection of various live roulette games such as European roulette, speed roulette. Stakes vary among each roulette game with the minimum bet from £1 and the maximum up to £20,000. The game design appeal to all player types and adapt to any layout style, and the casino background noise and HD streaming create a VIP atmosphere. Casino Heroes, Dunder, Kaboo Casino, High Roller, and Casumo website have evolution live roulette games. The most common played game of evolution live roulette is the European Roulette. The game is live throughout the day hence you can play at anytime. Also, roulette casino game rules are just straightforward.

Bingo Game

Bingo game is one of the most common classic table games. The improvement of technology has seen the development of the older version of bingo game and is currently available in most casino websites. It involves online bingo games, bingo jackpots and side games in the form of quizzes. Game rules are simple and the most common format of the bingo game is with 75 balls, but the number of game balls can be increased or decreased. The game involves ball number calling until the end of the rows, then one can call the bingo numbers indicated on top of the row to win the game.

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