Benefits of Hiring a Public Speaker through a Speaker’s Bureau

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Do You Need a Public Speaker?

Public speaking is a common fear of many people -in fact, it is ranked up there with algebra and death as some of the scariest things imaginable. This tension can be removed by hiring a professional speaker, who can provide information, motivation, and entertainment – all from a trustworthy source with high name recognition such as an entertainer or athlete.

Hiring a speaker is an excellent way to liven up what might be an otherwise dull corporate event, since the skills that an engineer or salesman possesses might not work in a large setting where the primary objective is not just to inform but to entertain. As the title suggests, a conference speaker is an ideal way to inform your attendees since the speaker will be an expert in the field. The worst-case scenario is that they will end up telling amusing anecdotes and the attendees will have their picture taken with a celebrity.

Speakers provide expert insights into the industry and/or facilitate human growth and understanding. A high profile public speaker, though expensive, might add an air of sophistication or importance to your event. They can automatically make it memorable, as people both pay attention to what celebrities have to say and tend to remember even brief interactions with celebrities.

Why a Speakers Bureau?

A speakers bureau typically has a wide selection of professional speakers from multiple disciplines, including but not limited to self-help, politics, sports, motivation, business, and healthcare. Their speakers are leaders in their respective fields, with both interesting success stories and personal backstories. They are clearing houses, allowing a centralized location for speaking talent, so the hirer can more easily search through people available to speak.

Technology such as the Internet has facilitated a greater convenience in searching and booking talent. Arguably, the best speakers are already signed with speaker’s bureaus, so finding your speaker through them is also unavoidable. Like any other product, the public speaker’s rates will rise as he or she becomes in greater demand until an equilibrium is reached. At this point, they will be in high demand and booking them will become difficultand expensive. The most elite speakers do not readily disclose their rates to the general public, so you will have to inquire.

How Speaker’s Bureaus Ensure Quality
Speaker’s bureaus have a screening process, ensuring a higher degree of professionalism than an open call or reliance on word-of-mouth. Like any other talent agency, they do not simply enlist anyone regardless of history, personality or expertise. They have assets, and they market those assets-and there is more reliability when dealing with an actual agency. They put their own firm’s reputation on the line, which guarantees a greater degree of honesty, as both the firm has an interest in staying in business and the professional speaker has an interest in booking additional gigs, thus everyone has an interest in doing their jobs well. The most high-profile speaker’s bureaus work with actors who are allied with Hollywood talent agencies, corporate events being one potential revenue stream for celebrities.

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