The Benefits of Bringing Creative Ideas to Your Business Meeting

Often meetings held to discuss business finance and confer about new strategies and options come down to discussions that take place between attendees over coffee and donuts.  Indeed, many of the most essential decisions may be made between attendees while standing over the salad bowl or at the dining table.  Serving the best snacks and beverages is often as important as the room appearance, lighting and décor.  And when guests and attendees feel comfortable they are more likely to share attitudes, ideas and opinions that can contribute to the successful development and marketing of a new program or product.  

The problem with using food to foster a relaxing environment is that food tempts one to overeat, and then, the resolution made on New Year’s Day to lose weight, get fit and drop a couple of sizes is often dashed to the floor.  Rather than indulge in calorie dense, sugary sweets that do you no good, if you enjoy vaping, some of the best ideas in business come once the body has relaxed and the mind has cleared away the stress of the day.  For many topnotch professionals, vaping provides the relaxed atmosphere that gets their creative juices flowing.  

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